Villa V by Paul de Ruiter Architects

Villa V by Paul de Ruiter Architects

Architects: Paul de Ruiter Architects
Location: Bloemendaal, The Netherlands
Year: 2011
Area: 489 sqm
Photo courtesy: Tim Van de Velde

From the very begin it was clear that the scene around the manor ought to be safeguarded however much as could reasonably be expected. A cellar was made for the house and the ground floor is semi-situated in the incline of the slope.

519457e1b3fc4bd67500010a_villa-v-paul-de-ruiter-architects_pdr346The principal floor towers over the somewhat coated ground floor and the undulating ridge scene. Both the northerly and southerly exteriors of the first floor are generally made of glass, while the easterly and westerly veneers have a more shut character. The shut exterior territories on the first floor are made of shaded, reasonable timber.


The glass zones on the ground floor and first floor have particularly substantial sliding segments, with the moving parts in light oak. The subtle elements of the glass styles and the upper and lower lines have been kept to a base. The extensive glass exteriors guarantee an association in the middle of outside and inside; contact with nature is substantial all through the house. In the meantime, the yard in the heart of the manor gives greatest sunlight in every one of the rooms.


Unique consideration is dedicated to vitality in Villa V. A proficient and smaller structure has been composed with astounding protection. The accessible vitality is utilized successfully, there is geothermal vitality stockpiling, a warmth pump and sun based gatherers on the rooftop, which is secured with greenery sedum. Just characteristic materials have been utilized as a part of the building. For instance, the veneer completing on the first floor is made of Waxedwood supportable timber.


The moving parts are made of French oak. All the inside components, including the dividers, the pantries in the youngsters’ rooms and the chimney, are made of veneered plywood. The wood utilized at the passageway and the carport has a unique source: it originates from an old ship that was found at an annihilation organization in North Brabant and which was purchased completely and utilized as a part of the building.


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