Cordell Drive by Whipple Russell Architects

Cordell Drive by Whipple Russell Architects

Architects: Whipple Russell Architects
Location: Hollywood Hills, California, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 5,200 sf 
Photos: Whipple Russell Architects
Sold for: $10.4 million

Some piece of this current house’s charming past in the extremely popular Hills incorporates its past proprietorship by performing artist Richard Gere. That association with notable manliness proceeded with when we joined forces with L.A. architect Franco Vecchio, known for his smooth and energizing James Bond style, to finish the inside wrapping up. Our customer was a stimulation maker who had already been fruitful in the web world. Instead of direct our outline he said, “shock me.” And, he was suitably astonished. The first house was a 60’s present day gated-home property that had experienced a fractional remodel.


Our customer was a given workmanship authority who wanted to make space to show craftsmanship, give the home quite required energy, and build the size and estimation of the property. Obviously expanding the breathtaking perspectives was dependably an objective. Clean straight lines, tallness, glass, and utilization of different surfaces all moved in the direction of these hobbies. A craftsmanship exhibition, comfortable film theater and expansive carport were included, and also the change of a diversion room into an expert suite. Mission fulfilled – this house sold for $2,000 per square foot in the mid year 2012.

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