How To Improve Curb Appeal With Window Boxes & Planters

How To Improve Curb Appeal With Window Boxes & Planters

Whether it’s a two-story down the street from grandma’s house or a bungalow in a trending neighborhood, every home is an expression of the owner’s sense of style. When you want to capitalize on your home’s curb appeal, there are some simple embellishments that can raise the bar dramatically without breaking the bank.

Adding window boxes, free-standing planters and shutters is a great way to improve the look of your home. When you choose these appointments in sturdy materials like PVC, you’re making a long-term and affordable investment. Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to cultivate interest in your home’s exterior and outside spaces.

Make It Balanced

Adding features like plantings in front of a porch or shutters on the windows is a great way to improve the appearance of your home, but these improvements make the most impact if they’re consistent. Well-placed shrubs at the base of a porch wall should mirror one another on both sides of the steps. Planters outside the front door should match and feature foliage and flowers that complement your personal style. If you use quality PVC planters, window boxes and shutters, you can paint them to match your color scheme and enjoy them for years without worrying about chipping or rotting.

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Create a Private Space

One of the greatest challenges involved in bringing that craftsman feel back to renewed urban neighborhoods is recreating the intimate feel of those classic bungalow gardens. If you’re not ready to hire a landscaping firm to refresh your yard, or you’re not quite sure how far you want to go with long-term installations, there are answers that won’t break your back or your budget. Adding planters along a porch rail or mounting window boxes at floor level can create a sense of privacy. Bright flowers bring an energizing touch, or fill the planters with soft, dense foliage plants to create a living screen you can enjoy.

Make It Lively

While some homes are almost too stately for their own good, it’s easy to change that. Give yourself the freedom to express your design aesthetic with the addition of bright flowers in durable, easy-to-mount PVC window boxes. There are so many possibilities that you’ll surely find an option that honors your tastes without compromise.

Choose the country charm of dwarf daisies or old-fashioned sweet peas, or add a little spice with fiery celosias. Whatever you pick, your floral expression is sure to let the whole street know how much you love your home. The style of your planters can be simple, which lets the plantings do all of the talking, or you could choose planters with raised panels, crossbucks or intricate crown trim. Express yourself with easy-care PVC window boxes and breathe life into your home.

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Buy Some Time and Improve Curb Appeal With Window Boxes

Every older home has some imperfections that could be changed, but many of them require greater investments of time or money than might be available in the immediate future. Rather than suffering with an eyesore or cutting your budget too close, get a little inventive and cover up those flaws. Ugly gas regulator on an exposed wall? Block the view with a potted fern or a dwarf rose in a PVC planter. Don’t forget to create balance with another planter just like it.

Those pretty stone and brick facades at the foundation of your porch might not be quite as pretty as they once were. Weather and time can have their way with those cosmetic finishes. If you’re not ready to resurface the whole porch, you can conceal that missing stone or odd-colored brick with carefully placed planters. It’s a simple way to give your home the illusion of perfection while you save money for long-term improvements.

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Add Beauty and Value the Easy Way

The addition of carefully placed PVC planters and window boxes filled with flowers and foliage will give your home personality and value without investing the kids’ college fund. Just think how much you’ll enjoy your private outdoor spaces and the envious looks from your neighbors.

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