House of the Tree by Kokaistudios

House of the Tree by Kokaistudios

Location: Shenzhen, China

Area: 616 sqm

Year: 2011

Photos: Charlie Xia


House of the Tree, located at the 48th and 49th floor of a high-end residential tower in Shenzhen, China, is a penthouse designed by Kokaistudios with the concept of “living between the city and the nature” offers a modern lifestyle with luxury and relaxation. The elegant and exceptional entrance, punctuated by a tree incredibly planted at the 48th floor of a residential tower, allows a panorama view that enhances the relationship between the interior and exterior, and provides an opportunity to bring in a large quantity of daylight indoor. House-of-the-Tree-05-1It is the result of a large-scale of architectural modification applied to the original layout of the penthouse, a join unit of two regular apartments and a typical situation in high-rise residential towers in current China market, does not allow any perception of two floor apartments.


By enclosing a small portion of outdoor terrace into a glass pavilion in the center of the penthouse, Kokaistudios create the new core of the apartment in an impressive double height atrium with the opportunity to bath by the natural light.This new core space, with walls removed from original layout, increasing the kitchen and the dining area conceived as dynamic spaces. Surrounded by the amazing outdoor swimming pool, it is able to be divided by semi transparent glass partition to satisfy various scenarios.


A transitional space distributes the functions between first and second floor and at the same time to prelude the entrance to the living room and to the guest bedroom located on the first floor to guarantee privacy from the family area located on the second level. The staircase has been designed with a great sculptural attitude with a deep study of details making it a prominent symbol of the space. The multi-function living room originally divided by a partition that does not allow for a connection between the north and the south view has been reconfigured by locating a fireplace in the middle of the space to create a dynamic layout for social flexibility. The concept of fluid and dynamic spaces the mainstream of the entire project and has been applied in the second level in both master bedroom and study room separating a mood of tranquility and activities yet allowing continues journey between the spaces.


Thanks to the great opportunity created by the architectural approach to the design, a bridge connects the staircase to the family room, which is designed for relaxation and meditation, on the second level allowing the view of the entire apartment and the amazing perception of the double height space of the core of the penthouse.Particular attention is given to the selection of materials, Kokaistudios choice being driven both by the desire to choose environmentally friendly materials and finishing techniques, as well as by the desire for a strong architectural aesthetic and feeling for the project.


The penthouse personality is defined by the core materials and workmanship rather than by the finishing decorations. The texture and surface characteristics of the materials stimulate all the senses of the guests; oak timber floors from north east China treated with natural oils are combined with white cream Spanish stones finished with ancient hand hammered techniques and the walls are finished with luxurious Venetian “marmorino” plasters which are hard and glossy as is marble but able to transmit soft and warm mood by distributing the light as no other material is able to.


Kokaistudios have a deep study of the lighting possibilities that maximize the use of natural sunlight and create a flexible lighting system that transforms the space and the mood according the social or private functions.With its unique location at the boundary of the fast growing Central Business District in Shenzhen on the north and nature landscape of Hong Kong on the south, the result is a stunning penthouse occupying a privileged point of living between the nature and the city.The end product stands as an example of Kokaistudios vision of luxury living with timeless-chic taste; defined by a connection to nature, a connection to fine materials and craftsmanship, while meeting the demands of a modern way of living.

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