House in Valley Street by Baran Studio Architecture

House in Valley Street by Baran Studio Architecture

Location: Berkeley, California, USA
Photo courtesy: Peter Lyons

This house is set on a traditional Berkeley street, and adjacent to a former rail line (traces of which are still visible from an aerial view.) The architecture borrows from the machine qualities of the railway to echo the former land use, and blends it with the character of the current residential neighborhood.


Corrugated metal wraps down the roof and wall facing the former train line, while the front of the house expresses the pitch of the roof that ties it to more traditional house forms. The interior is an open expanse that also recalls a large, open station with a free plan and high vaulted ceilings.

House-in-Valley-Street-02 House-in-Valley-Street-03 House-in-Valley-Street-04 House-in-Valley-Street-05 House-in-Valley-Street-06 House-in-Valley-Street-07 House-in-Valley-Street-08 House-in-Valley-Street-09 House-in-Valley-Street-10 House-in-Valley-Street-11 House-in-Valley-Street-12 House-in-Valley-Street-13

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