Renovation of a 19th century old country house in Lucca by MIDE architetti

Renovation of a 19th century old country house in Lucca by MIDE architetti

Architects: MIDE architetti
Location: Lucca, Italy
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: MIDE architetti

The venture site includes an old nation house, worked in 1887 in the quick neighborhood of Lucca and a latest farmhand’s bungalow. The structures are incorporated in the field of Lucca and keep up its common attributes. In particular, the structures are situated in a bumpy scene, between tender inclines, where oaks and chestnuts lick the property.


In this foundation, the redesign has been coordinated to both the upkeep and the improvement of commonplace components of the neighborhood design, for example, uncovered block divider, stone of Matraia and chestnut wood. Seeking after this objective, and in full regard of the run of the mill highlights, the parts and materials utilized have been amended as a part of a contemporary way, embracing the most suitable development methods, with a specific end goal to guarantee the accomplishment of the most ideal result.


Inside the nation house we tried to physically apply, utilizing the conventional spatulas and wipes, characteristic lime-based mortars that highlight the unpredictable rough surface of the dividers. The recuperation of shafts and empty tiles by sandblasting, is an express call to the customary tuscan engineering, invigorated by the fading of the roofs. The outside was intentionally kept unaltered in surface and gaps, keeping in mind the end goal to keep up its trustworthiness without yielding the appeal.


In this way, we picked essential outer installations made of steel. In the greenery enclosure the huge swimming pool is incorporated with the encompassing scene, regarding the vegetation and the common olive trees, leaved unaltered. The neighboring house has been totally remodeled inside, selecting contemporary materials and hues: the solid floor and the dark latrine add to give another personality to the building. At long last, in the hypogeum you can discover a spa territory comprising of an extensive tub and a cedar wood sauna.

Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-04 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-05 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-06 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-07 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-08 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-09 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-10 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-11 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-12 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-13 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-14 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-15 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-16 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-17 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-18 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-19 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-20 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-21 Renovation-of-a-19th-century-old-country-house-in-Lucca-by-MIDE-architetti-22

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