SHUGAA dessert bar with Predominant Sugar Elements by party/space/design

SHUGAA dessert bar with Predominant Sugar Elements by party/space/design

Architects: party/space/design
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2016
Area: 753 ft²/ 70 m²
Photo courtesy: FSections

There is another new desert bar in Ekamai, the “Shugaa”. The Shugaa is the french style of sensitive pastry by Thai gourmet expert who made the imaginative menu and plated dessert that aways astound and astonish the clients. These treat menu turn into the motivation of the Shugaa room inside outline which can be seen from the sugar component all around in this pastry bar.


The idea of the inside outline of Shugaa had been inquired about from the base of sugar which its structure is sugar molecules and precious stones. Seeing from the outside through the glass divider, there is polygon establishment staying nearby the front that is propelled from sugar gems. Furthermore, wood material likewise had been utilized as a part of the outline together with mint green shading to make it feel warm and natural. Originator group have included a dash of current and luxury by utilizing rose gold shading component and marble counter bar.


The main zone of the sweet room is for client sitting and make the most of their pastry. At the point when client sitting at the bar they will see the polygon molded divider which is produced using the unique building procedure and cause the intriguing measurement to the room. They likewise including the rose gold lighting establishment hanging along the roof divider. At that point they interface the principal zone to the using so as to follow zone upstairs winding staircase. This staircase is the highlight of the pastry room. They utilize the enchantment of outline to develop the sugar precious stone staircase by utilizing imaginative method of organizing acrylic box along the winding staircase which is the notable of the Shugaa dessert bar.


At the point when clients stroll to the second floor, they will be astonished with perspective of sweet planning from the gourmet expert. Above and beyond to the last zone, there is the private zone that is perfect and entirely put for having treat while perusing and working. Plus, it can be adjusted for to be workshop zone that is open for pastry and fondant workshop which is the learning group for those whom have the same energy in sweet and Shugaa.

shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-04 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-05 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-06 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-07 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-08 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-09 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-10 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-11 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-12 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-13 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-14 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-15 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-16 shugaa-dessert-bar-with-predominant-sugar-elements-by-party-space-design-17

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