H House by Axis Architects

H House by Axis Architects

Architects: Axis Architects
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Year: 2009
Area: 4,100 sqft
Photo courtesy: Paul Richer

The H-House by Axis Architects, is a cutting edge home found high on Salt Lake City’s East Bench on Devonshire. The living spaces of the house are arranged towards the broad perspectives of the valley and the Great Salt Lake. This cutting edge home offers ordering perspectives of the whole city and its environment. Broad site research, customer connection, and space arranging joined with a comprehensive outline procedure made this effective and wonderful private home. The perspectives and connection between the building and the site was a key component of the project, with outside recreational space in the back of the house and overhang territories on the west side.


The completed outline drew nearer each of the project components, coordinating them flawlessly into the general manufactured structure. By planning the home to be incorporated into the current geography of the site, the last shape had three general levels. Every level houses an essential capacity. The lower level contains a carport and storage room, alongside a passageway hall. The primary level contains every open zone of the home, including the living/eating regions and kitchen. The customer determined a main room on this level for comfort reasons, and it keeps up a physical partition from people in general regions while permitting access to the most positive perspectives.


These western perspectives are vital to the design of this principle level, as noted in the vast outside overhang confronting the west neighboring the living/feasting region. This permits the zone to be opened to the outside to make one huge get-together space. A cantilevered music room likewise finishes this level. The upper level contains the private spaces in the home, including a study and two rooms. The two primary types of the house are isolated by a hallway in which vertical and level course happens. This hallway is actually lit up with sky facing windows and serves to separate between significant regions of the living arrangement. One of the difficulties of this task was to take into account the perspectives toward the west, while shielding the house from the evening sun. A vast overhanging shading gadget gives shade and gives an unmistakable character to the house.


The customer indicated that the outside materials were to require at least support. The arrangement lies in the utilization of materials, for example, engineering cement, and corten steel cladding. These materials require no normal support once introduced and extraordinarily diminish the long haul expenses connected with home upkeep. What’s more, these materials improve the present day stylish of the house. This current tasteful is proceeded in the inside of the house with the utilization of cutting edge building materials and straightforward, clean lines. The inside completion subtle elements of the house all strengthen the exquisite tasteful found on the outside and together make this present day private symbol for Salt Lake City. The volumes of the house take after the incline of the landscape and fortify the coordination of the house into its surroundings.

H-House-00 H-House-01 H-House-02-2 H-House-02 H-House-04 H-House-05-1 H-House-05 H-House-06 H-House-07 H-House-08 H-House-21 H-House-22 H-House-23 H-House-24 H-House-25

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