Five Unique Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Five Unique Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

A building’s facade is the first thing people notice when they walk by or come into your home. Your home’s exterior is its hallmark that forms an impression of your tastes, style, preferences, wealth, creativity, and even lifestyle. If you’re looking to revamp your home’s exterior, you can do so in a number of ways that you probably didn’t consider. We introduce five unique ways to transform your home’s exterior and elevate its individuality.

  1. Follow the eco-friendly trend. What could be better than an original, appealing, and eco-friendly home? In many European countries, especially in Scandinavia, the last decade was marked by a boom in natural materials. Think that a wooden facade is expensive and impractical? Think again. A proper selection of wood will relieve you of the hassle of maintenance for many years. As the wood naturally ages, your home will acquire a noble and sophisticated look over time. Wood paneling contributes to an aesthetically-pleasing appearance and creates a cozy, rustic atmosphere, all while adding a sense of unity with nature. If you want to further enhance the eco-friendly look of your home, you can complement it with a green roof.

To help create an artistic and functional layout of the property on all sides, and especially on the driveway areas, reinforced stone grates can be installed. These not only helped in lending an air of sophistication to external areas of the property, but also serve a functional purpose with regard to easy water drainage. Ambitious home owners that want to play on the design front can also install lights beneath the grates to impart a sense of glow to the entire ambience.

  1. Panoramic windows. You don’t have to overhaul your entire home in order to give it a completely new appearance. With panoramic windows, your home will look modern and stylish. To expand the windows is a bold move for sure, but you can start with baby steps and install panoramic windows facing your yard. This is a great solution if your neighboring houses don’t stand too close to your home or if it’s hidden by trees from prying eyes. By replacing windows, you will immediately see how drastically your house is transformed, both from the outside and inside. There will be much more light and the inner space will optically expand, making the house look more open and inviting.
  1. Play with color. Painting is probably the most budget-friendly solution to alter your house’s facade. Just put your imagination to it and with a few cans of paint and some free time, you’ll turn an uninspiring house into a masterpiece.

With all that being said, be careful when playing with color. Excessively bright hues or a combination of incompatible shades can turn your house into a tacky mess. Houses built in the industrial minimalism style or featuring strict forms will benefit from gray, white, olive, and pale blue colors. If your home carries a classic style, you’ll have a wider color choice, but still try to avoid vivid and acid shades. To add an interesting flair, you can highlight windows, eaves, doors, and corners with contrast paint. Experiments with color are possible if your house has plaster, siding, or brick finishing. You can do all the painting work on your own, but if you need to carry out siding repair Charlotte NC or treat large areas of the facade, it’s best to seek the help from professionals.

  1. Start with the yard. The front lawn, yard, and patio are also part of your home exterior. Even a luxurious house framed in a dull frontage will look untidy and unfinished. Instead of a boring lawn that you have to regularly water and mow, arrange a little-maintenance garden. This simple trick will allow you to create a beautiful corner of nature that does not require special care. For example, instead of annual plants that need to be replanted every year, you can adorn your lawn with perennial flowers and shrubs. You can also plant lush trees that will give the desired shade in summer and save from the heat. Another simple way to transform the facade is a vertical garden because it looks original and is as simple to care for as a regular garden!

5. Make little steps for a big impact. We’ve already mentioned window replacement as a way to transform your home. Besides this huge change, you can go even further and introduce some smaller cosmetic changes that will drastically change the perception of your house. A small porch or terrace will enhance its exterior and functionality as well as make your dwelling more comfortable. It will also lend a place to enjoy warm evenings, get some fresh air, and just have a good time with your family and guests. Alternatively, you can build a small canopy or gazebo with a barbecue or a children’s area, swings, or a tree house. This is where small details can create a huge – and positive – change to your home’s exterior.

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