5 Reasons Why Your Own Website Will Be Your Best Home Decor Resource

5 Reasons Why Your Own Website Will Be Your Best Home Decor Resource

Are you someone that receives compliments on your home every time someone comes to visit? You notice how people are always commenting on your color choices and furniture placement? If this sounds like you, then you need to consider starting your own interior design website!

Your home is already the topic of discussion among visitors, why not showcase some of your home projects and tips through your own website? The great thing about starting your own website is that you can create it how you want to. Plus, giving your business a name will give your business credibility, and make people remember you and your business easier.

Your website can absolutely be a great source to others for home decor inspiration. Since you get your inspiration from somewhere, people can look to you as a source for inspiration as well. If any of these reasons to start your own business sound appealing to you, then check out all the different directions you can go within your home decor website.

DIY Tutorials

Nothing’s worse than taking on a home project and having no clue how to even begin. You have all the supplies needed to start the project but you’re unsure about what to do first. Well, being the DIY connoisseur that you are, you have a multitude of DIY videos and step-by-step tutorials to help your followers get through these daunting projects.

The great thing about DIY tutorials is that you can make them customizable to your home and the needs of your home. They also save you time and money of searching hour upon hour through stores and online stores.

The main thing you’ll want to let your followers know is that they’re not alone and that if you can do it, they can do it too! It’s just a little more reassuring to them that there is someone else that has been through a project like that and that they’re not alone in the process.

Before and After Pictures

I love seeing before and after pictures whether it’s on weight loss or home projects! With home projects, the before and after pictures are limitless! You can take before and after pictures of renovation projects, room remodels, and seasonal decor changes.

I’m a big fan of taking old things and bringing them back to life, so it’s also really fun to share pictures of things that people donate to the Goodwill, buy them, and refurbish them giving them a fresh new look. You can easily purchase picture frames, lamps, and candelabras, give them a fresh coat of paint, and it’ll look like it came from a furniture store!

Design Styles

When it comes to interior design styles, this is where people get hung up, with not knowing the direction they want to take their home in. This where your website can really shine in educating people about the different design styles.

Some different design styles include:

●      Hollywood Regency- This design style pays homage to interior design in the 1920s, showcasing various different textures such as silk and velvet. It also is very opulent with sparkling and shiny pieces in the home.

●      Minimalist- This design style is the complete opposite of Hollywood Regency. A minimalist home is very simple in design. The color palette is very neutral and clutter is non-existent!

●      Coastal- Coastal is very reminiscent of the water. You will a coastal home with a color palette more on the cool side of the color spectrum with varying hues of blue and green.

That was just a very small example of how you could talk about the different design styles, and you can even incorporate pictures of your own home that go with a particular design style. That way, your readers will be able to see how you took that design style and made it all your own.

To go a step further, you can even have a design style quiz set up on your website, and have their design styles generated based off of the answers they give. This wouldn’t be a true determinant for your readers, of course, it’s just something fun for your readers to do, and it actually might help them figure out the direction they want to go with their home. I know whenever I see a quiz online or in magazines, I always tend to take the quiz, just out of curiosity to see what my results are!


Tips are always helpful to those who need help with anything in general, and they’re especially helpful when it comes to home decor. In the home, if you’re anything like me, then you’re always open to learning “hacks” on how to make life easier at home, whether it be storage tips on ways to create more space in your home or tips on how to clean the different upholsteries in your home without the use of harmful chemicals, the information is useful and helpful.

Areas of Inspiration

People are inspired by different things every day. It could be something as little as noticing the vibrant colors on a butterfly that landed on your hand during a walk in the park. There’s no right or wrong answer in this category. You can even have your readers leave comments about what inspired their home’s decor!

A lot of times, people get their inspirations from their traveling experiences, from nature, from fashion, and even from celebrities! If you can recall, the television network MTV had a show called Cribs. This show came on in the 2000s and is no longer on air, but if you watched it, then you were able to see how cameras would go into the homes of your favorite celebrities and showcase all the luxuries that celebrities had in their homes.

When watching it, you really only paid attention to all the nice “things” they had, but if you were really into interior design, you were able to notice the different design styles of the different celebs… how some were very flashy, and some very modest.

The goal of your website would ultimately be a guide or source for helpful information for DIY’ers and interior design enthusiasts! As mentioned earlier, your website can be whatever you want it to be, just make sure it’s inspiring to you and it inspires others!

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