Elevate the Design of Your Home’s Exterior

Elevate the Design of Your Home’s Exterior

Boosting curb appeal is the goal of many homeowners in Exton, Pennsylvania. Whether they want to increase the home’s value for future sales or are tired of the current look, making changes to the exterior can make the home more appealing. This part of the house presents many opportunities for creativity, and if you have the budget for it, it can make a huge difference in the overall experience of your home. If you want to elevate the design of your home’s exterior, here are a few changes you can make that will result in a big shift to the look of the property.

Choosing an appealing design for the outside of the home comes down to personal taste. Though you should always make changes with an eye for potential buyers, you should also create an atmosphere you can enjoy. 

1. Update Shutters

A smaller-scale project that, nonetheless, has a big aesthetic impact is updating the house’s shutters. This could mean a simple paint job that completely changes the color scheme of the exterior. But you could invest in a new pattern or material for the shutters. For example, many cheaper shutters are made from vinyl. Wood shutters, however, can give you a new look that embraces a cottage-like aesthetic. There are many styles to choose from, including louvered and raised panels. With new shutters, the outside of your home will look fresh and appealing.

2. Replace Old Siding

Old siding can be an eyesore for homeowners and passersby. The color can fade, there may be stains, or it could be falling apart in the worst cases. On the other hand, updating your siding is a great investment since it will boost the aesthetic appeal and create a more efficient home that reduces utility bills. Maybe it’s time to replace that stucco siding with vinyl, stone, or other more appealing materials. Modern methods for siding construction result in homes that can retain heat and regulate the temperatures inside more efficiently, so even if you don’t care about a new look for the exterior, it can help you save money over time and raise the value of the home. 

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3. New Lighting

Lighting is the best strategy for highlighting certain features of your home’s exterior, particularly in the evening or at night. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the effect the right lighting can have on aesthetic appeal. One way to enhance the outside of the home is to light up the porch uniquely. Porches now serve as more than just entryways for people to pass through. Instead, they can be spaces for relaxing or entertaining.

For this reason, a light just outside the door may not be enough. Consider adding pathway lighting that leads up to the entrance or string/rope lights hanging from the top of the porch. A well-designed flood light in the yard can highlight other exterior features, such as new siding or an interesting color scheme. 

4. Take Advantage of the Garage Door

Most people think of function over form regarding their garage doors. They serve the necessary purpose of opening and closing to allow vehicles in and out or store outdoor items. Often, this large feature is a canvas full of opportunities for unique designs that can make your home stand out:

  • Consider adding a wooden pergola frame around the outside of the door to bring some life to the space.
  • Turn the door into a faux carriage house entrance with metal hinges and handles.
  • Consider a highlight color around the border of the door.

There are multiple ways to spruce up this massive feature, so don’t let this blank canvas go to waste.

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5. Box Planters

Do you need a way to add color to the house without spending a ton of money? Box planters beneath the windows or along the entryway could be perfect. This small-scale project can allow you to test your creative skills by building them yourself or purchasing them ready-made at a gardening center. Either way, box planters are a simple and effective way to bring more life and color to the house’s exterior while also improving the view from the inside. 

Boost Curb Appeal and Property Value

Whenever you make changes to your Exton, PA, home, either inside or exterior, you should always consider how they will affect curb appeal and property value. For example, you should consider other options if the design makes for a poor aesthetic look. Likewise, if the change you want to make could risk lowering your property value or making it less appealing to future buyers, it could harm the property. Keep these two things in mind, research what people want for exterior home design, and then make it your own.

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