Tips for Staying Warm in the Winter

Tips for Staying Warm in the Winter

If you live in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the northern parts of the country, then you know what it is like to experience a long and cold winter. Gone are the days of basking out in the sunlight and soaking in the sight of plants thriving everywhere you look. Instead, the temperature drops, the clouds blot out the sun regularly, and snow and ice cover the landscape. Consider some new strategies that will allow you to thrive during the cold season. Here are some tips for staying warm in the winter.

Staying warm is one of the individuals’ most intriguing battles in locations with chilly winters. Utility costs often rise with the heat having to stay on for longer periods. In addition, no one wants to live in a cold home or work in a cold office.

1. Warm Up Your Office Space

Whether you work from home or have to commute to your job in Quarryville, staying warm while working is extremely important. Feeling uncomfortable could affect productivity and make you dread working even more than you already might. There are multiple ways to make your office warmer, including space heaters, radiant heaters, or infrared heaters. Some will work better if you have a home office to which you can make significant changes, while others can help you enjoy your off-site office a little more. You can get more done and feel relaxed when you feel warm while working.

2. Layer Up

If you are on a budget, throwing on extra layers of clothing is the best way to stay warm without raising utility costs. Plus, it is much easier to throw on a sweater or blanket than to face that sudden price hike with your monthly bills. So keep the heat at a slightly lower temperature and bundle up. It will also help you feel cozier as you face the long months.

3. Invest in a Propane Tank

Many homeowners rent a propane tank to help heat their homes during the winter. However, fiscally speaking, buying a tank for your property could make more sense. Though you incur maintenance requirements and liability, it will allow you to shop around for competitive propane rates rather than be stuck with one provider. Purchasing propane tanks gives you more control over propane costs, which can benefit your bank account over time. 

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4. Locate Drafts and Block Them

Having a draft home can be extremely irritating in the winter. Even with windows and doors that are shut and locked, cold air can seep in through the tiniest of gaps. If you hold your hand up to the edges around a window or door and feel cooler air, you need to find a way to seal that breach and keep more warm air inside. For example, you can put cloth or rubber stoppers underneath exterior doors. New caulk or another sealant can be administered to window edges to ensure an airtight seal. You can even hang transparent shower curtains over windows to create a greenhouse effect and warm the interior. 

5. Warm Food and Beverage

Warming up the house is one thing, but warming up your body is another. So what hits better than a warm dish and some hot cider or hot chocolate when winter comes along? This method can warm your body from the inside out, and it is part of providing your body with crucial vitamins and minerals. Curl under a blanket with a nice warm mug of whatever drink suits your fancy, and make a meal that will heat you from the inside. Some foods and drinks can warm you up chemically, even if they are not physically hot when you consume them, so add some of these to your winter diet.

6. Leave the Door Open While Showering

Winter is known for several things, two of which are cold air and dry skin. Look, we can all say that showering in cooler water during the winter is better for your skin, but in reality, nothing feels better than a warm shower. With all that steam forming, leave the bathroom door open to help humidify the area. This is an efficient way to protect yourself from dry skin and can also move warmth through the nearby rooms. 

Get Creative with Your Warming Strategies

Whether you are trying to lower your heating bill or just want to feel more comfortable during the cold season, you may have to let your imagination wander as you find ways to stay warm in the winter. Bundle up with lots of layers, enjoy warm food and beverages, leave the bathroom door open while showering with hot water, and block those drafts. If none of that works, put some space heaters or radiators in the rooms that need to be more comfortable. Save money on propane by buying a tank instead of renting. Follow these tips, and the winter will become much more tolerable for you and your family. 

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