4 Ways You Can Make a Statement with your Interior Design

4 Ways You Can Make a Statement with your Interior Design


Redecorating a house is always an exciting process but it can be fraught with tension –especially for couples. Whether you are moving into a new place or sprucing up somewhere you have lived for decades, there are so many choices to make when setting out a vision of your home’s interior design. And, sometimes, this can feel overwhelming.

We have all been there, traipsing around the DIY store, dazzled by the seemingly endless array of overhead lights, measuring the height of a coffee table or arguing with our other half about which shade of turquoise to paint the feature wall. It can be hard to know where to start.

For this reason, people tend to do one of two things: cut out the middleman and hire an interior designer or settle for decor which is inoffensive yet tends to be on the bland side. Interior designers will undoubtedly do a brilliant job but they are very expensive, which rules them out as an option for the vast majority of us. And, while there is nothing wrong with making your house inoffensive and minimalist, redecorating is a chance to breathe some life into your living space and make it an exciting place to spend time. This should not just be with an eye to welcoming guests.

Throughout this pandemic, which does not appear to be coming to an end any time soon, we are spending increasing amounts of time in the comfort of our own homes so making that space as attractive as possible is a no-brainer.

Good news! There are a multitude of ways you can really make a statement with your interior design choices, often without even needing to break the bank. Here are some ideas.



For those of us who live in hot places, fans are an everyday necessity. They serve an important function but, for most people, their purpose ends there. Poor quality ceiling fans are often an eyesore, whirring away irritatingly in the background. In fact, this is something which people rarely replace –in many houses the same one has probably been spinning away since the 80s. Yet modern fans are readily available in a wide range of designs, from the understated propeller to the extravagant windmill, for a cheaper price than you might expect. If space is something of a premium in your apartment, you might be worried about a ceiling fan jostling for space with a light, making the place look cluttered. My question would be: why choose? You can opt for a ceiling fan with lights to ensure your space is well-lit and well-ventilated.


Tapestries and posters

Many of us have found ourselves in someone else’s living room patiently waiting as they explain, in excruciating depth, the artistic process and hidden meaning behind a new piece of artwork which adorns the wall. But artwork does not have to be eye-wateringly expensive or sourced from an exclusive gallery for it to make a statement. With the right frame, a whole variety of different things can add a certain vibrancy to any room. Movie prints, music tour posters, framed vinyl records and sleeves, colourful tapestries: all can brighten up your interior, making it an exciting place to pass time. Not only this, but it gives you the chance to surround yourself with visual reminders of the things you love, memories you and your family have shared. And they can be bought from loads of different online retailers or, thanks to platforms like Pinterest, commissioned to your own specific requirements, typically for far cheaper than ‘high art’. So whether it is a movie print from your favourite film or an iconic framed vinyl from your collection, you can project your personality onto your walls.

4 Ways You Can Make a Statement with your Interior Design


Mirrors are not just useful to help you sort out your hair in the morning (while that is undeniably an important function!). If placed in the right way, they can help bring light into the room and make smaller spaces seem far bigger. You might opt for a giant, floor-to-ceiling mirror to open up your living room a bit more or a smaller one to catch the morning light. Classic circular, elliptical or rectangular shapes are the most popular and readily available. However, I would encourage you to be bold, scour any local antiques dealers or online platforms like Etsy to find quirkier designs with ornamental frames or frosted glass designs. Mirrors can be decorations in and of themselves.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by choices when you redecorate but it is important to allow your home to visually reflect your personality. After all, it is you who will be spending the most time there!

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