What makes furniture “high end”?

What makes furniture “high end”?

What exactly does “high end” mean? Is it simply a nice way of saying “Expensive”? While high-end products, such as furniture, may indeed be a little on the pricey side, it is a case of getting what you paid for. Ideally, “high end” means “high quality” as much if not more than a high price. Sometimes you may even get high-end furniture at a bargain if a person or business has a piece doing nothing for them but cluttering up space. Just be sure to take a good look at the piece to determine if you really are getting a bargain. If you’re looking for high end furniture Los Angeles is the place to be.

1. The Material

The first thing you will notice about high-end furniture is that it is very heavy. This is because high-end furniture is made out of hardwoods such as ash, alder, walnut, oak, and zebrano. These are all good, solid woods known for making furniture that is not only beautiful but lasts a long time. Even upholstered furniture should have a framework made from a sturdy hardwood. As for the upholstery, it could be luxurious velvet or sturdy leather. What kind you select will depend on your tastes and personal lifestyle. The color of the upholstery will likely be a solid neutral, but there may be others to choose from.

2. The Workmanship

A quality piece of furniture will be engineered for both comfort and durability, preferably with a lifetime guarantee. Handcrafted furniture costs a little more than something bolted together by robots on an assembly line, but it is well worth it. One good example of quality handcrafting is having all the stress joints bolted with corner blocks. This sort of furniture will not fall apart easily. The springs should be hand-tied and supremely durable to guarantee a lifetime of comfort. Down makes a good, soft stuffing, but this is often paired with polyurethane foam for durability with comfort.

3. The Finish

Now, there are some high-quality furniture pieces out there that go for a low price due to the fact that they are sold without being painted or varnished. They are sold with the understanding that the consumer would rather do this job themselves. If you don’t have much of a DIY spirit, you may want to look for a piece with a good finish. Multiple layers of an even patina are applied to the surface to assure a deep, glossy shine that compliments the natural color of the wood. The tone of the color and sheen should be more or less uniform. It should not only look good but have a pleasant feel and natural smell due to ending the finishing process with layers of wax.

4. Originality

Some pieces will be completely original. Something made with quartz or marble will have a unique pattern. Artisan, handmade pieces tend to be limited editions. Of course, rarity comes at a great price. It’s simply the law of supply and demand. An original piece will be very pricey, but you might like knowing that you have something that is as one of a kind as you are.


High-end furniture is a rare commodity. If this is what you are in the market for, feel free to look, touch, sit, knock, whatever you have to do to see if this piece is worth your money. Look for a seller/manufacturer who will work with you. They should be professionals with no hourly fee, preferably able to customize for individual specifications. Look for someone who will give you the unique furniture shopping experience that you deserve.

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