5 Maintenance And Security Tips for Storage Units

5 Maintenance And Security Tips for Storage Units

Over the past decade, the self-storage industry has become profitable. There are numerous reasons for needing a storage unit. Whether you need to store things you don’t want or just prefer to store items to free up space in your home or office, this has been the go-to solution for households and businesses to keep their extra paraphernalia and inventories.

Another reason is that people adjust to a new place and need a place to put their belongings while they move. The fact that you’re storing them doesn’t mean you don’t want them anymore, so you should take extra care to secure them.

When utilizing storage units, you must ensure to keep them in good condition as this will impact your possessions. Since folks don’t need to see the storage unit constantly, people often forget about it, which causes it to get dusty, messy, and potentially moldy. It will damage your belongings and a health risk to store your stuff in a dirty storage unit.  It’s therefore essential to find a storage facility that is safe for your possessions.

Keep your storage unit clean and secure with the following valuable tips:

1. Tidy Up Storage Units Often

For the longevity of your self-storage units, you need to keep them clean. Storage areas can be affected by the changing seasons and the humidity of the environment. For this reason, you should ensure the storage facility is regularly cleaned throughout the year. You can begin by cleaning storage roll-up doors since they can become difficult to roll up without enough tension in the spring. If the door guides are rusted, replace them. Make sure the unit is free of all debris.

Clean inside the bottom of door guides, around the drip lip, or any other crevices that may be filled with dust. Also, you should check gutters to see if sediment has built up. The interior and exterior of a storage unit can be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. You can maintain your storage unit’s condition by regularly cleaning it. This will allow you to spot potential risks before they arise.

2. Always Check CCTV Camera And Alarm

Many storage unit facilities have camera surveillance. It’s better to use surveillance cameras stored digitally rather than on tape. Digital video offers a better quality with a lower risk of coverage lapses. Moreover, the security cameras enable you to keep tabs on both the inside and outside of the storage unit.

Managers can observe what is happening in all corners of the self-storage area through monitors in the main office. You must choose a surveillance system with ultra-HD images that offers the latest technology.

3. Install Proper Lighting In The Storage Area

Security is enhanced by adequate lighting, particularly when video cameras are used.  Additionally, you should also provide sufficient lighting when you or your staff need to walk around the unit safely and not trip. With uneven lighting, it can cause night blindness.

Upon walking from a well-lit area to a darker place, you might find yourself temporarily losing your vision. Moreover, with the proper lighting system, the entire storage unit area provides a sense of safety and security for all individuals.

5 Maintenance And Security Tips for Storage Units

4. Select Storage Units In An Easy And Accessible Location

Whether you want to organize your workplace at home or declutter unnecessary items from the office, you will need storage units. Ideally, these should be close to your home or your office. It’s also great to find a storage unit near a major highway. Visits to your belongings are more frequent when your unit is easy to reach. When your possessions and inventories are close to where you frequently go, you can be assured that they’re well-kept.

5. Hire Storage Unit Management Staff

It’s the management team that makes storage facilities reliable. It’s crucial to train employees in ways that will significantly lower the possibility of theft. By training the staff properly, they will know the adequate methods and procedures for maintaining the storage units, reviewing all inventories, and implementing security rules.

Professionalism, honesty, discipline, and accountability are principles that a storage facility staff should demonstrate. It’s also crucial to motivate and reward employees, encouraging them to achieve their full potential.


Safe storage is a necessity. Almost any household or business needs a place to store important things. Storage facilities can offer safer conditions than homes or offices. Additionally, storage units bring an extra sense of security. This will make you feel comfortable and at ease. These units are fitted with advanced surveillance equipment so everything you put inside can be sufficiently monitored.

With the number of self-storage unit facilities increasing, it becomes increasingly easy to protect your valuables. Maintenance and cleaning of your storage unit are included in this process. With a storage facility, you can free your living space and organize your business space better. We hope that you found some useful maintenance and security tips for storage units.


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