What Are the Different Types of Filter Frames?

What Are the Different Types of Filter Frames?

Air conditioning is a necessary component in roughly 100 million American homes because it keeps people cool on hot summer days. However, an HVAC system must be regularly maintained to perform correctly and for a long time. The simplest approach to keep your HVAC system functioning for a long time, according to Paper Point, is to change the air filter regularly. But what are your options and what are the different types of filter frames?

What are Air Filters?

Air filters are used to remove harmful airborne particles, contaminants, and microbes from the environment. Air filters are used in many industrial facilities to maintain the quality of goods and materials while also protecting essential equipment from harm. The management of particle count in cleanrooms is primarily reliant on air filters. Before being released into the environment, exhaust and stack gases are filtered and cleaned. 

Paperboard Filter Frames 

Paperboard air filter frames are used to keep HVAC filters in place. They are made of a weave that captures and absorbs particles from the air. They can be trimmed to fit any air filtration system.

The robust design, tight construction, and optimum filter clamping system of paperboard air filter frames are very useful. This will guarantee that the filter is installed correctly and easy to change. They can also be used to hold individual HVAC filters or to create filter bank configurations. 

A die cutter machine may be used to make paperboard filters. A mold is made of metal with sharp edges for cutting the machine’s material. Die casting may be used on various materials to produce a perfect, precise frame every time.

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Metal Filter Frames

Metal filter frames provide a semi-permanent, cleanable air filtering system that is suitable for outdoor use and includes EMI shielding. Filter frames made of metal are suited for usage in difficult areas where tough, washable, and reusable filters are required. From roll-formed channels to ultra-thin stamped sheet metal, metal filter frames are available in various shapes.

Airborne pollutants are removed from the air when these filters are placed in HVAC systems. This keeps contaminants from accumulating in the device and causing damage. When they get filthy, they may be washed and reused, saving you the time and money of having to buy additional filters.

Polyester Filter Frames

Polyester filter frames have a good reputation for being chemically resistant, abrasion-resistant, and resistant to dry heat degradation. This exceptional tolerance applies to most mineral and organic acids with the exception of high concentrations of nitric, sulfuric, and carbolic acids. At low temperatures, polyester felt also possesses high resistance to mild alkalis and poor resistance to strong alkalis. Polyester offers high resistance to most organic solvents and good resistance to most oxidizing agents. When used in HVAC equipment, polyester air filters provide a high level of dust resistance.

Flexible Filter Frames

Flexible frames are used when a rigid frame is not appropriate due to the need to bend the filter during installation. Flexible, flame-retardant polypropylene plastic frames are used in flexible air filter frames. The frames are laser-made to order, allowing for nearly any frame profile to satisfy the requirements of even the most unusual and difficult applications. Flex-Frame air filters are the best option when installation limitations necessitate a flexible filter frame or an electrically non-conductive frame.

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