Considerations when looking to build or buy your dream green home

Considerations when looking to build or buy your dream green home

Planning to build a home from scratch or looking to acquire your family’s dream home? You’re in the right place. With an excess of lots and homes for sale in Australia, deciding the type of house that fits you and your family’s lifestyle without sacrificing a green lifestyle can be difficult.

There’s a lot that goes on in the decision as well. For instance, you don’t want to build too much house space, but one that fits right. A house that’s too big, costs big as well. There likely be wasted space and an unused area. However, if you’re looking to expand your family or take in elderly relatives, you’ll need to plan and put the proper accommodations and resources into place.

Apart from these, here’s a couple of other considerations as you build or look for your next dream home.

Consider the plot you want to build or buy your house in

Finding the right lot size and location is vital. As nice as it to have a country home in the countryside, off the beaten path, you should consider building or acquiring in or near town. Why? Building on a new site can potentially damage a peaceful ecosystem. Which means disrupting the lives of local wildlife or even eliminating them altogether just to create additional lines, roads, and utilities where they don’t presently exist.

Do your research

Any information you want to research is readily available online to virtually anyone with internet access, so there’s no reason not to educate yourself as best as possible so you can create greener building options. This is to say that there’s no reason not to utilise environmentally responsible products. There’s a lot of options available at every price point.

As you build or look for a home, prioritise toxic-free, recycled, sustainable, and low VOC products. Everything from the foundation to the roof, to the floor and the lighting, from paint to insulation can all be environmentally sound.

Minimise your footprint

You’re looking to minimise your footprint as much as possible, which means you need to get rid of all unnecessary waste including building products and machines necessary to create and run them. You need both waste and energy consumption to be as little as possible.

Insufficient insulation

Insulation can provide the greatest savings to your home. In Australia, the minimum insulation codes recognise the ability to prevent heat loss and gain through windows, walls, foundation and roofs. Insulation is responsible for your home’s heat retention and loss. A well-insulated house will not only save energy and resources but also cut your electrical bill substantially.

Prefer energy efficient home equipment

This is after the house is built. There’s no excuse not to use a high efficiency or energy efficient appliance. You can try using a tankless water heater, so water doesn’t sit around just waiting to be heated. Green appliances can be bought in all price points and are readily available.

Where to purchase your home

If you’re keen on acquiring a new living space, consider a pre-existing green community like Elliot Springs real estate near Townsville. The newly-developed location is built for a green lifestyle that combines convenience and interaction – complete with schools, shops, sporting facilities and business opportunities near your home. There is a wide choice of homes that will suit every lifestyle at affordable prices.

There you have it. As you consider the building materials or a location for your new home, don’t forget to tailor it based on your family’s wants and needs. This will ensure a happier home once you decided on everything. Best of luck!

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