Vertical House 304 by KIENTRUC O

Vertical House 304 by KIENTRUC O

Architects: KIENTRUC O
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Hiroyuki Oki

In this house, we need to incite a genuine living knowledge for a youthful family living in a commonplace urban Vietnamese townhouse. Just 3.5mx12m (11.5ftx39ft) in size, single façade confronting an open road, the configuration connection stances difficulties to make an easygoing, all around ventilated, and sufficiently bright space inside of an obliged building footage.


Vertical development of the light well boosts the craved spatial quality and conditions, while inciting a feeling of openness and connectedness to nature as it open up to the sky.


House 304 is a blend of straightforward spatial usefulness, contemporary materials, structure and development system. Completes with regular material, white divider and timber, the point of convergence of the house is the transaction in the middle of light and nature.


Vaporous, open, and gives continuous perspective both back to front, and outside in, the habitation still have a feeling of private and secure when required. In this way, the house is an immaculate representation portraying the life of a youthful Vietnamese family, that is straight forward, real and mollified.

Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-04 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-05 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-06 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-07 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-08 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-09 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-10 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-11 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-12 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-13 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-14 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-15 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-16 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-17 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-18 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-19 Vertical-House-by-KIENTRUC-O-20

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