V4 House by Studio MK27

V4 House by Studio MK27

Architects: Studio MK27
Location:  São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2012
Photos: Nelson Kon

The one-story sub-evaluation abiding extends to the furthest points of the site profiting from the inside project as much as the outside patio nursery. Along one hub, a wooden box enveloped in punctured timber boards contains the private rooms shaded from direct light and consequently all the more effectively accustomed.


A limitless uncovered solid rooftop mass with coordinated pillars expands oppositely vanishing into the regular stone holding divider characterizing the property line, serving as an outside deck on evaluation. People in general living spaces are outlined by four slim sections, wrapped in retractable glass ways to submerge the inhabitant in the open air environment.

v4-house-02 v4-house-03 v4-house-04 v4-house-05 v4-house-06 v4-house-07-1 v4-house-07 v4-house-08 v4-house-09 v4-house-10 v4-house-11 v4-house-12 v4-house-13 v4-house-14 v4-house-15 v4-house-16 v4-house-17 v4-house-18 v4-house-19 v4-house-20 v4-house-21 v4-house-22

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