Pitch House by Iñaqui Carnicero

Pitch House by Iñaqui Carnicero

Architects: Iñaqui Carnicero
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Iñaqui Carnicero

The house is situated in a little neighborhood on the west limits of Madrid in a spot called “los Peñascales”, that mean something and in addition extraordinary stones. The plot is described to have an incredible incline arranged toward the south and have two awesome stone shakes in part secured by greenery. The structure of the house at an utilitarian level as formal is clarified superbly in area. The underground level is utilized to comprehend the experience with the incline of the area.


It consolidates two stone rocks, one of them basically and different as a verbalization that makes the primary access to the house. The roof of the underground level creates the white floor made of calcareus stone that constitutes the honorable plane where the day by day life is produced. A solitary space opened toward the south just near to glass that vanishes to fuse the water plane of the swimming pool in a first plane and the mount named “el pardo” in a brief moment.


This conclusion does not fit with the border of the first floor however moves inside to produced two yards at the finishes and a marquee on the front that permits the passage of beams of the sun in winter and is secured of its effect amid the warm months of summer. The principal floor is been had a similar outlook as a shut box made of cement that buoys over the glass of the ground floor. Here is the place whatever remains of the rooms are sorted out and in addition the zones bound to the study.


An one of a kind straight window situated at 1,40 meter of tallness permits to trim the horizon of the scene and consistently lights up the solid roof. The autonomy of levels is just hindered by two twofold statures that put in connection both spaces depicted already. The monetary confinements have brought about that the house is unraveled with the negligible conceivable motions that in any case creates an incredible differing qualities of spaces and appealing circumstances.

Pitch-House-03 Pitch-House-04 Pitch-House-05-1 Pitch-House-05 Pitch-House-06-1 Pitch-House-06-2 Pitch-House-06 Pitch-House-07-1 Pitch-House-07 Pitch-House-08-1 Pitch-House-08 Pitch-House-09 Pitch-House-10 Pitch-House-11 Pitch-House-12 Pitch-House-21 Pitch-House-22 Pitch-House-23 Pitch-House-24

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