Travertine Dream House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Travertine Dream House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Architects: Wallflower Architecture + Design
Location: Serangoon, Singapore
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Jeremy San

The customer’s brief for this house was basic. Practically, to amplify usable region and to consolidate greenery. Tastefully, to utilize travertine plentifully as a design wrap up. Enlivened by the Italian urban-scape amid his voyages, so too would travertine express this house.


The house is composed as two parallel squares joined by a glass encased scaffold. The partition between the two pieces permits sunlight to gush down to cellar spaces. Thick travertine dividers and expansive shades are put on the western side to utmost warmth pick up from the cruel evening sun. The passage, living spaces and rooms are orchestrated longitudinally to exploit characteristic cross ventilation and sunlight. Keeping in mind the end goal to strengthen area use without winding up with a forcing structure, the four storied house has one level sunk into the ground and the other three set far from the frontage road.


To suit however much green and “blue” space as could be expected, the greenery enclosures and water bodies are spread all through the house. The living and feasting regions on the ground floor confront a swimming pool and a fish lake. The storm cellar’s amusement and visitor rooms are interested in the sky, with regular light and ventilation getting through an indented greenery garden patio. The third story level rooftop is both a recreational deck and a rooftop garden.


The landing knowledge is organized by a few layers of travertine divider that propose a dubious limit between the outside and within. The itemizing is intentionally insignificant and exact to improve the effortlessness of the massing and the juxtaposition of strength and straightforwardness. The limited hinders that house the living range, the thick stone cladding, numerous levels of greenery enclosures and water bodies guarantee that the house stays cool in the tropical environment, all around ventilated and washed in delicate sunlight.


The three dimensional sythesis of voids, layers and solids makes spaces for both calm reflection and family communication, something for every state of mind and minute.

Travertine-Dream-House-04 Travertine-Dream-House-05 Travertine-Dream-House-06 Travertine-Dream-House-07 Travertine-Dream-House-08 Travertine-Dream-House-09 Travertine-Dream-House-10 Travertine-Dream-House-11 Travertine-Dream-House-13 Travertine-Dream-House-14 Travertine-Dream-House-15 Travertine-Dream-House-16 Travertine-Dream-House-20 Travertine-Dream-House-21 Travertine-Dream-House-22 Travertine-Dream-House-23

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