Eco-Sustainable House by Djuric Tardio Architectes

Eco-Sustainable House by Djuric Tardio Architectes

Architects: Djuric Tardio Architectes
Location: Antony, Paris, France
Budget: €650.000
Photo courtesy: Clément Guillaume

The new venture has been acknowledged in an area, Antony, that is an illustration of the conviction that structural engineering, whether heterogeneous and homogeneous, is formed by obsolete zoning regulations. The postponements in securing grants, alongside states of the urban circumstance and our longing to proceed and refine our own exploration on wood developments, drove us to propose a kind of development framework. This sort is still not discharged in urban regions and somewhat held for withdrew houses in less thick locales. The urban tenets and the site connection, which is exceptionally run of the mill, have recommended the layout, which has demonstrated a genuine advantage for the task.


Up there, the state of the rooftop/pergola, which resembles an unfinished rooftop, has a particular capacity. From one viewpoint, it takes the original of the connection, embeddings the venture in its surroundings without disturbing the urban cadence, then again, it won’t oblige a shut rooftop that would turn into a catch-all loft or a squandered space.


So we have embedded occupants in it, and have abandoned it open by changing it into a vegetable porch, close and sunny. The decision of plants proposed by the scene fashioner, grasses and vines on the pergola offering organic products (kiwis, squashes, grapes), will empower the proprietors to appreciate a vegetable garden, a suspended greenhouse.


The system was for a mixed family, requiring an adaptable, particular outline and plan process. The answer was to ingrain two regions, isolated however and covering. With not very many changes, these two regions could get to be one bigger, consolidated space.


The dividers of the sky facing window lighting up the ground floor can be alternatively uprooted, tomorrow maybe acting as railings and returning visual connection between the two stories. The staircase is situated in the focal casing of worker regions, with the passage today regular to both access. Tomorrow it may be conceivable to open this casing in onto the day spaces.


Monster sliding dividers on every floor isolate into two day spaces keeping in mind the end goal to as of now sort out another parcel of the regions and make an office/library on the ground floor zone and a silver screen on the first floor, and tomorrow, to segment the space as per use. A sideboard on wheels slips between the kitchen and the porch on the ground floor, moving the eating territory outside on sunny days.


The format has been intended to concentrate on adaptability and adjustment of the regular living spaces, seasons (in summer, the space proceeds outside and is more open and more extensive, while in winter, it is assembled around the chimney) and on long haul ventures. This format inquires about the adaption of the way of life of the proprietors.


Totally inherent wood boards set on a platform (the ground here is terrible), the house is totally pre-assembled in a workshop and conveyed to the site to be at long last amassed in only two weeks. This is a building framework in Finnish wood boards that originate from economically oversaw cooperatives of little private woodland proprietors.


The pre-cut boards, supplemented by wood fiber protection and non-treated siding, touched base at the site verging on got done with, decreasing contamination to a base (the site being situated in a thick suburb).


The façades, in wood boards as well, were mounted along the floor. With an exceptionally effective outside protection framework which totally permits the end of warm extensions, wood development has the point of preference to make the building capable. The under-floor gas-terminated warming with low temperature turns out to be verging on unnecessary.


The twofold coated + argon windows of the porches and the South façades, purposely larger than usual, catch the sun in winter and are shielded by a shelter and a pergola in summer. This permits together with their execution and surface, a simple control of the sun oriented pick up and wind stream as required, without requiring a concentrated utilization of aerating and cooling or warming.


The primary exterior in the city, holding up the rooms in the North, is a structure of extensive coated openings and single opening screens outlined in stainless steel mirror with no coating. The impressions of the vegetation and the development of these shades in stainless steel mirrors make the façade evolving. The ventilation of the rooms is directed by the openings of the shades, and the entrance of light through the windows.


The recuperation of water can water the greenery enclosure and grower permit mortgage holders to develop fragrant plants and garden without water over-utilization.

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