Seven Smart Ways To Renovate Your Master Bathroom

Seven Smart Ways To Renovate Your Master Bathroom

Renovation is a creative process, which has no limits. It is a procedure of giving a modern touch to the outdated structures, meanwhile upgrading existing areas to make them fully functional. People renovate for plenty of reasons, but the most significant is that they want to improve their current spaces by adding a touch of elegance and luxury.

The bathroom is indeed the most utilized space in the house, and its frequent usage often causes much wear and tear. From broken lightings to drain problems. There are plenty of issues associated with an outdated bath. That is why renovating it can breathe a new life to the overall look of the home. It not only gives the space a fresh aura but also increases the value of the property. Generally, bathrooms occupy small spaces, and it becomes a challenge to make it more functional. When it comes to the renovation of a master bathroom, you need to be extra careful as it should have proper functioning and have essentials in sufficient quantity.

The Master bath should not be an ordinary bathroom where you take a shower and get ready. It’s designing should reflect your personality, and its features should provide you a comfortable experience. However, if your master bathroom is devoid of these necessities, it is time to update it. Incorporating different colors to the interior or upgrading tiles is the usual way of revamping a bath, but the modern world is full of possibilities. Today, you have plenty of options to select from while giving your master bathroom a unique yet stylish look.

The following are some seven smart ways to renovate your master bathroom:


  1. Lighting

Proper lighting creates the mood of the existing space. With advanced lighting fixtures available in the market, it is confusing which style to opt for your bath. Usually, people do not pay attention to bathroom lighting, thinking that it does not hold much significance. But if you have a dull, worn out lamp in your bath, it makes the space gloomy.

Therefore, installing bright lights not only adds freshness to the bath, but it pulls the look together. For example, adding a LED over the mirror or having built-in cabinets with recess lightings is a few ways to incorporate lights in your bath. Additionally, if you have a full window in your bathroom, you need proper window furnishings to decorate your window so that it can add glamor to your bath. Although lighting is an integral aspect of a master bathroom, privacy is essential too. Windows can be an invasion of privacy, but you can add a cordless blind to it. It will not only give you some isolation space but also will appear pleasing to the eyes. If you live in Auckland, you can get high-quality honeycomb blinds, as they have unique cellular technology; that offers maximum insulation for your bathroom. Be it chilly winters or sweltering summers; these window treatments provide you with a cozy feel.


  1. Incorporate Greenery

Plants have the quality of freshening up as they purify the air. For some people putting planters in the bathroom seem like a weird idea, but it gives a master bathroom a natural feel. It is a way of adding a green shade to otherwise bland space. Besides, hanging plants or small pots of plants can be put up as decorative pieces. You can add a floating shelf and put planters with towels and other toiletries on it. A small pot on the countertop of the basin is an excellent way of bringing life to a dead space.


  1. Add A Stylish Bath Tub

What is so special about five start suite’s master bathrooms? Their baths have all the facilities, and once you have taken a relaxing soak in their Jacuzzi, you feel energized. To upgrade your bathroom, if you have enough space, you can install a stylish bathtub, which goes with the theme of your master bathroom. If you are one of those who prefer hot showers, installing a shower room can add a luxurious look. Besides, your bathroom should have both a warm and cold water facility.

seven smart ways to renovate your master bathroom

  1. Recessed Cabinets

In-built cabinets are an outstanding solution to compact bathrooms as they do not occupy much space, but offer sufficient capacity. Furthermore, cabinets give your area a sleek look, and a stylish knob on it will add opulence to your private space. Recessed cabinets beside or under the sink are great ideas as you can have easy access to them. You can place a first aid box, and put some medicines in there. It is an ideal space for your hair tools and other toiletries. Moreover, instead of keeping towels in separate wardrobes, you can save a few pieces in these cabinets.


  1. Mirrors

A mirror in the bathroom is one of the necessities, and when it comes to the master bathroom, renovation is incomplete without installing a stylish mirror. Generally, people prefer a mirror right above the basin. If your bathroom walls are neutral, you can have a mirror with dark shades of the border. Aside from a large mirror on the wall, placing a small mirror right on the sink’s countertop is very useful in shaving or putting on makeup. Instead of having one plain mirror on the wall, go for different shapes to revamp your bathroom space.


  1. Knobs And Faucets

Fixtures and fittings seem insignificant, but upgrading them gives a pleasing effect. The minimalistic approach is in trend, and sleek designs are in fashion. Furthermore, sleek faucets and stylish knob provide the space with an elegant touch and upgrade the area’s mood. Markets have innumerable options, and you can choose one that goes with the overall look of your master bathroom. If your bathroom’s interior is dark, you can opt for silver or gold shade to make them prominent.


  1. Bath Vanity

If you are renovating your master bathroom, you may need to replace your old vanity with a new stylish one. There is no rule, which bounds you to have a specific type of bath vanity. There are various types of vanities available in the market. From high-end ones to durable yet affordable ones, you can select according to your budget and need. Replacing old vanity with a classy one can upgrade the bathroom’s overall look as it is generally the most prominent piece there. Moreover, you can choose a stylish granite countertop that goes with the vanity.



Revamping a room in your home is a fun experience. Since a master bathroom is an essential part of your house, renovating it alone can give the whole house an upgraded touch. If you know your budget and have an artistic instinct, so you can let your creative juices flow and decorate your master bath elegantly.

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