4 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Interior Design

4 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Interior Design

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 is having an impact on virtually every industry in the world, including interior design and decorating.

As for how the coronavirus has already changed the way people want to design and decorate their homes — and will continue to do so post-COVID — take a look at a few examples.

Using Inherently Clean Materials

Many people are trying to keep their homes as clean as possible right now. As a result, notes interior designer Bobby Berk, homeowners may be interested in re-doing certain rooms with materials that are naturally sterile. Examples of this include metals like copper, brass and bronze that are inherently antimicrobial. A relatively simple change that homeowners may want to do is to remove their old and frequently touched door handles and cabinet knobs and replace them with new hardware made from these stylish-yet-sterile options. Other materials that are especially easy to clean include uber-hard quartz for countertops and cork, bamboo and oak for flooring, as all of these woods can stop microorganisms and bacteria from flourishing.

Installing Security Cameras in and Around the House

This fall, many tweens and teens will be returning to school through an online/at home program. If they are old enough to be home alone, they may be attending class on their computers while mom and dad head off to work. To help keep an eye on their children, as well as be aware of what is happening on the property at all times, there will probably be an increase in people installing security camera systems in and around their home.

Lorex Technology offers Wi-Fi security cameras that connect to the home’s wireless network in mere minutes, and can be easily moved to different locations around the home as needed. Parents can place a camera in their teenage son’s “school room” and make sure he is up and on the computer, either from their workplace or from the home office. These types of security cameras will also come in handy when a delivery person is at the door; if homeowners are uncomfortable opening the door and possibly being unable to socially distance with whoever is standing there, the cameras will allow them to see who is there.

Front Rooms Will Serve a Key Purpose

As Love Happens Mag notes, prior to COVID-19, most entryways in homes were typically attractive spaces that didn’t have much of a purpose. Now, however, these areas are being transformed into “disinfection zones” that offer people a place to change their clothes after coming home from work and sanitize their hands. Yes, the entryway can still feature a lovely table, but there will be large pump bottles of hand sanitizer, canisters of bleach wipes and a pile of clean clothes on top of the piece, along with a laundry basket on the floor and a place to leave shoes.

Rooms That Serve Double and Even Triple Duty

Before COVID-19 hit, the family room might have been the place to watch TV and the guest room was reserved for when Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. With people spending more time than ever at home — and having to fill those hours with things to do — many rooms are having to do double duty or more. The family room may now also be the home gym and video game headquarters, and the guest room is now also the home office. To help separate these spaces, expect to see wooden screens and other attractive-yet-functional barriers in these rooms that will allow Mom to watch her favorite show while her daughter works out on the elliptical.

COVID Impact Interior Design

Most, if not all, of these changes to interior design and decoration are pretty positive. Having a security camera system on the property for added security and peace of mind is a good thing, as is using materials that are easy to clean and using each space to its fullest advantage. While COVID-19 will hopefully and eventually be a thing of the past, it will be interesting to see how it continues to impact home design for years to come.

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