Semi-Detached House by Landmak Architecture

Semi-Detached House by Landmak Architecture

Architects: Landmak Architecture
Location: VietNam
Photo courtesy: Le Anh Duc

The new urban “Gamuda Gardens Township” is invested and constructed by “Gamuda Land Vietnam LLC”. This interior project is designed and constructed like show houses as per the Company’s request. “Semi Detached House” is such typical point (GAMUDA GARDENS SHOW HOUSES).


The luxury and warm interior design is requested to meet demand of most Vietnamese families in particular and South East Asia in general (the Client target is that at least 70% of visitors become interested in design). Therefore, personal characteristic, special solutions, and natural materials should be removed and replaced by loose furniture which creates the simple and reasonable sense.


When the “Semi Detached House” (SD House) has been built basically, we joint in the project with the theme of typical family in Vietnam with three generations: 60-year-old old couple, 30-year-old young couple, a 5-year-old nephew.


The advantage of the SD House is the corner position in a row of house, therefore, its view is really beautiful and much of light. The great difficulty, however, is not allowed to change space function (such as break or remove walls) because it is fixed by the primary design. So light partitions, furniture, and back drops are used to make visual connection.


As living room is quite narrow (there is an adjacent garage), the low-reflection glass is used to deepen space. TV cabinet is designed with sliding door on surface to adjust vision and feeling. TV niche is especially considered in order to protect the surface when there’s no need to use because of strait way.


Materials, furniture, floor timber, curtains, décor lamps, etc. with color tone (white, gray, cream, wood) create a modern space mixed little vintage. Orange decorative arts and materials are used at some points to make the luxury and cozy space.

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