One Story Contemporary TCH House by Arkylab

One Story Contemporary TCH House by Arkylab

Architects: Arkylab
Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 11,840 ft²/ 1,100 m²
Photo courtesy: Oscar Hernández

La Herradura is a 60’S private complex on the city of Aguascalientes, with area parts above 1000 m2, close to the San Pedro River on its west side. In spite of being a semi-desert range this nearness with waterway permits it to have a critical vegetation with uncommon tree remains than whatever is left of the city.


TCH house removes in a region with the pre-presence of two huge fiery debris trees that completely decide the accessible volume. The utilization plan likewise required irregular spaces for a private house being additionally planned for some official exercises, so very nearly two zones were produced in one level, first working spaces and on the other the security of the family itself.


The substance are gathered on the north side of the property so as to give everybody a south or east introduction space, searching for a suitable atmosphere solace for various exercises without extra vitality utilization. Diverse scale gardens open in the focal regions to locate a visual vastness and in this way create a view of more prominent openness. The structure is a piece of the formal expression and together with cement and wood bed material proposed to demonstrate the normal and legitimate way it’s made.


On a 1,100 m2 parcel this habitation is raised from a gathering of volumes in a solitary level in various statures that react to the different booked employments. The configuration was considered as a react to an altogether different system of routine house, made for a corporate organization which requires a parlor for occasions and an office room.


The development is worked toward the north of the property to profit by the south introduction and direct every one of the spaces to this range. The area of the two major fiery remains trees in the parcel was the beginning stage for the circulation of the spaces, producing subtractions that impel a dynamic dialog in the middle of outside and inside. The structure shapes part of the formal expression nearby with cement and wood to make a bona fide materiality.

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