The modern Rosemary House fills the open floor plan living with a lot of natural light

The modern Rosemary House fills the open floor plan living with a lot of natural light

Architects: Kohn Shnier Architects
Location: Toronto, Canada
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: doublespace photography

“The new house replaces an existing house on a conventional mid-town residential lot in the City of Toronto. Similar in area to the original house, the new design emphasizes fluid relationships between, and within, shared family spaces—both indoor and outdoor. Designed for a larger than average family, Rosemary House encourages modern family living that is interactive, open to choices, and growth. This is achieved by planning for living, working and playing in spaces that are zoned, yet not necessarily enclosed. Circulation, planned with continuous loops and visual overlook, provides for art display; endless running space for children; and continuous contact between family members.

The modest two-storey mass of the house sits unobtrusively within the neighborhood. While it is distinct from its pseudo-Tudor neighbors, it is neither overshadowed nor dominant in that distinction. The design of the house seeks to find the ‘sweet spot’ between formal innovations that break with conventional boundaries of its neighbours yet respects the essential qualities of its context. . It is innovative and assertive, yet modest and familiar. It is a home that will always be understood as both of its time; and a classic. An innovative use of custom solid limestone masonry is tonally sympathetic with other homes, yet demonstrates how contemporary design can contribute difference.

The compact stacked footprint of the house permits the use of robust, high quality materials and products within the budget. As a counterpoint to much larger homes being built in the neighbourhood, this modern home encourages larger living in smaller, useable and flexible space.”

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