Nirvana Film Office by SJK Architects

Nirvana Film Office by SJK Architects

Location: Bangalore, India
Year: 2011
Area: 6,200 sqft
Photo courtesy: Pallon Daruwalla & Shimul Javeri Kadri

Nirvana is a studio for ad films. A film production firm that thinks out of the box. Their films are a surprise – an unexplored humane perspective on a product. Their workspace is based on the thought that the connection of synapses creates ideas – not privacy, isolation or discipline.


The building addresses all the urban issues of a small corner plot in the busy neighbourhood of Indiranagar in Bangalore. To optimize the use of space according to urban regulations, the stilted box is a natural resulting urban typology. The core of this box is the connector staircase that slices through with a huge skylight above, creating a sun-filled, connected multi levelled space. The divisions of work and non work, outside and inside are obliterated – further by the façade of glass and acrylic louvers. The louvers, opaque and solid open in unison to allow the breeze in, leading to a dynamic façade.


This urban typology overturns all norms, uses almost No electricity – natural ventilation mediated by the louvers and an open central core and natural light. The studied lightness of structure and material – no beams, and the three materials – wood concrete and glass produces a building where light n shadow, and thought n interaction become the protagonists.

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