White Lodge by DyerGrimes Architects

White Lodge by DyerGrimes Architects

Architects: DyerGrimes Architects
Location: Tandridge, England, United Kingdom
Client: Tony and Nicky Maude
Photographs: Courtesy of DyerGrimes Architects

Our customers, Tony and Nicky, sold their nation domain in Limpsfield, and acquired an one and half section of land plot in Oxted with a perspective to thumping down the current frail pre-fab home and building in its place another ultra-contemporary maintainable home.

51b9e710b3fc4bd12a000009_white-lodge-dyergrimes-architects_wl04loganAn energizing and yearning venture, our customers needed to make a substantial adaptable open living space with broad coating to take advantage of the full grown grounds and a component swimming pool.


Tandridge Council had a long standing arranging arrangement that new forms ought to coordinate the customary pitch-roofed houses which populate the range. Notwithstanding, the site is arranged toward the end of a private street and encompassed by full grown trees which we utilized as a contention to legitimize what might be an extraordinary outline. The gathering’s strict arranging necessities likewise requested that 12 percent of the vitality required by the house would be given through renewable vitality sources.


Reacting to the brief we built up the configuration to work with the inclining geography of the site and make full utilization of the screening gave by the experienced trees. Containing three stories, the house is drawn closer at the lower ground floor level where a ventured promenade prompts the front passage at ground floor level. Here the principle living spaces are masterminded around a liberal passage corridor and substantial sliding dividers vanish into pockets to permit the living, eating and banquet halls to end up one open arrangement space ideal for facilitating gatherings. A basic glass inlet window on the north veneer gives perspectives back to the passageway entryways and arriving guests, whilst basic glass dividers toward the south and west give all encompassing perspectives of the grounds and welcoming glass fronted swimming pool.


The lower ground and first floors are gotten to by means of a component built timber and glass stair and obliges six rooms including a rich expert suite with its own particular changing area and private overhang disregarding the pool and grounds. A huge rooftop porch toward the first’s north floor gives sweeping perspectives of the Surrey Downs past. Amid the outline advancement the building’s types were investigated and disclosed to our customers utilizing 3D displaying.

51b9e8eab3fc4bd12a000010_white-lodge-dyergrimes-architects_wl08loganWe likewise secured the early arrangement of the configuration group to guarantee attainability and give general costings as the outline created. This communitarian methodology permitted an exquisite basic configuration where the first floor seems to “float” over ground floor and cantilever out over the swimming pool. An administrations outline was additionally arranged to meet the 12% renewable vitality necessities. After three vital arranging applications, authorization was allowed in August 2010.


White Lodge took 46 weeks to fabricate and was finished one month in front of timetable in March 2012. Awesome accentuation was set on building White Lodge as productively and reasonably as could reasonably be expected. It began with watchful particular and point of interest plan, and proceeded through development with inside and out workshops with the contractual worker all through the development process. The structure makes utilization of a half and half steel edge, burden bearing brick work, pre-assembled solid ground floors, and FSC timber upper floors.


It is clad with a progressed protected render framework with a superior completion to minimize support costs. This framework additionally encouraged the multifaceted shadow crevice itemizing in the middle of ground and first floor levels and permitted a supported basic configuration. The a lot of basic twofold coating and aluminum sliding entryways are high detail to minimize the potential warmth misfortune. The warming framework contains a vitality productive gas kettle and underfloor warming framework with sunlight based high temp water boards on the rooftop and an air source warmth pump.


Tony and Nicky are charmed with their new home and just about a year after culmination it keeps on drawing astonishment and profound respect from family, companions and guests. Their house is all that they longed for and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It has gotten the attention of film area organizations and has as of late been highlighted in the Evening Standard as a ‘Present day Marvel.’


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