Modern Design of Savion Residence by Neuman Hayner Architects

Modern Design of Savion Residence by Neuman Hayner Architects

Architects: Neuman Hayner Architects
Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Year: 2014
Area: 4.090 ft²/ 380 m²
Photo courtesy: Amit Gosher

The house was anticipated a group of four. Two 3D squares isolated by an entry join into a “L” formed house. The front 3D shape, of twofold stature space, holds people in general territories: passage, family room, kitchen, lounge area (all on the ground floor) and a study on the main floor. The section, 4 meters wide, proceeds with the yard, which is the focal point of the house, and isolates the general population wing and the private wing. The back 3D square, (the private wing) has 3 stories: The ground floor holds a lounge room, two kids rooms, a pantry and a visitors w.c. The first floor holds the main room, and an extension section to the library (on the front 3D square). The cellar is all around helped and ventilated by a vast yard, and holds a visitor’s room, a protected room, and a storage space.


The extension “throws a shadow” on the ground floor, improved by a 120 cm wide solid strip. The kitchen island adjusts appropriately. The extension is made out of white pine wood, and proceeds as a strip into the main room and the contiguous open restroom, with solid ground surface on both sides. The tree coverings cover the front yard, are additionally utilized as a part of the section and improve the solid strip. The swimming pool is secured by marblite and streams into a waterfall towards the bamboo trees. Dry bamboo is utilized as railings and open air dividers. The house incorporates numerous hanged objects, similar to swings, and outside sittings and a bed in the kids rooms.

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