Broad Street House in Suffolk by Nash Baker Architects

Broad Street House in Suffolk by Nash Baker Architects

Architects: Nash Baker Architects
Location: Orford, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Year: 2016
Area: 2.169 ft²/ 201 m²
Photo courtesy: Nick Guttridge

Broad Street House is new form home in Suffolk by Nash Baker Architects. The house uses a palette of regular and conventional materials to mix with the country road scene, and the outside utilizations oak cladding and high quality blocks (both privately sourced) to mix with the structural character of the town. To make a more unmistakable look, the blocks were laid in a variety of ‘Ministers bond’ utilizing white sans iron sand for the lime mortar which was sourced from the neighborhood Wivenhoe pit. “We needed to guarantee that the design expression would be contemporary and of its time whilst in its materiality being all things considered intelligent of neighborhood vernacular customs.”


The customer’s brief was to supplant the incoherent previous 1980’s working with a remarkable contemporary home that was both thoughtful to the neighboring properties, whilst as yet being of now is the right time. They required an open arrangement living course of action that on the ground floor would give them devoted work spaces for their particular expert exercises as silversmith and cook, and a first floor, that could exploit the regular light and the broad perspectives over the bogs to Orford Ness, and the coast past.


As opposed to the brickwork at the ground floor, the upper level seems lightweight, using strips of untreated oak cladding to wrap up and over a pitched rooftop. The oak cladding was estimated to coordinate the block course measurements, so that the two components of development have a complimentary configuration aim.


Inside, the house has a quieted enlivening plan with uncovered solid roofs supplemented by a story of whitewashed Douglas fir boards and fitted joinery made with lacquered birch confronted plywood. Studio and office rooms possess the left half of the ground floor format, reflected on the privilege of the back banquet hall by an open arrangement kitchen range characterized by a parallel wooden feasting surface in walnut with communicated dovetail joints. The banquet hall opens out onto a red block porch and greenhouse through a progression of coated sliding entryways, reflected on the upper story where comparing entryways on the main room and en-suite lavatory open out onto a secured patio protected by the oak clad rooftop that gives staggering perspectives of the Orford Ness swamps and the Suffolk coast.


The cautious particular of materials and specialized itemizing have made a home which is touchy to its notable setting, yet unashamedly cutting edge.

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