Animal Music Office by Nidolab

Animal Music Office by Nidolab

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2011
Area: 1,292 sqft
Photo courtesy: Federico Kulekdjian

These are the offices of Animal Music, a music recording studio. Our main idea for this project was to depurate and clean the chaotic space of the common areas. We created a new space that contains a very long high table where different activities could evolve. This was the main intervention done where visitors are welcome to sit or browse though the floor to ceiling bookcase while waiting for a meeting.


All the iron work present in the original construction was painted in black to contrast with the natural wood that was applied to all the new furniture and construction.


A former office was converted into a spacious kitchen were co-workers can meet, cook and interchange on their works. A lounge area was created that integrates the outer space of a terrace through the use of a wooden deck and windows that can open full way.

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