Modern W Residence by IDIN Architects

Modern W Residence by IDIN Architects

Architects: IDIN Architects
Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Year: 2011
Area: 2,174 sqft
Photo courtesy: Spaceshift Studio

The configuration idea of W-House is gotten from the prerequisite that the proprietor might want the house that communicates his character as far as space and frame. Accordingly, the configuration subject was the manner by which to decipher the proprietor’s way of life and energy into building design. The thought started by the proprietor’s most loved action of voyaging and kayaking. There was one photo of a pontoon cruising on the stream that has motivated the creator.


The waterway goes about as a supporter for the watercraft. As a house, the capacity territories of lounge room, lounge area, and administration are supporters for the private regions of rooms. The rooms are similar to the watercraft which the stream is supporting underneath for cruising. The thought was created into the maintaining so as to build introduction the essential components however totally uncover the story, capacities and setting.


The building introduction was controlled by wind and sun bearing in which the house face in a North South course to get wind and for survey, and let the side appearances to the daylight from West. Furthermore, Kayak is a testing and audacious game. The cantilever has composed on second floor to present testing and audacious.


The advantage of cantilever is for shading the void on ground floor and to infer that the kayak is skimming. The highest point of the house was intended to be a rooftop deck covered up over the South room, making a rest zone and in addition for exercises. Notwithstanding the glass window, wooden screen covering around the house shades the light and make some protection when required.


The materials and tone were chosen by concerning the setting. The shade of skin coat cement ought to oblige the encompassing. The ground level is dark dim to separate the pontoon from the waterway, the second floor and the ground. What’s more, the site area is on the cocoa red soil, the house is along these lines ought to be restricted shading into three noteworthy hues which are uncoated solid dim, dark dim and chestnut red which the tone is coordinating the dirt on the area.


Taking everything into account, W-House is composed by considering the connection in two measurements of both the area and the proprietor. They are brought into the procedure of intuition and outlining, happens into a structure that receptive to the area and also the proprietor’s enthusiasm.

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