Manor House Stables by AR Design Studio

Manor House Stables by AR Design Studio

Architects: AR Design Studio

Location: Winchester, UK

Year: 2013

Photo courtesy: Martin Gardner


Friday April fifth 1946, on a flawlessly clear Spring evening group cheered as the 25/1 racehorse, “Beautiful Cottage”, walked triumphantly past the completing post to be delegated victor of the Grand National, the UKs biggest steed race.


Prepared by Tommy Rayson and ridden by Captain Robert Petre at the first genuine Aintree Grand National race subsequent to 1940, after the Second World War, and the keep going to occur on a Friday, which had been the custom since 1876.


That weekend “Exquisite Cottage” returned home to the little town of Headbourne Worthy, close Winchester. He got a legend’s welcome before settling in for an all around earned rest in the stables at the Manor House where he was housed.



These stables, that were once excellent and working have subsequent to stayed unused and have fallen into a condition of feebleness. Luckily, this Grade 2 recorded stable piece, saturated with impactful authentic character and account was not overlooked. It has been changed into an exquisite and contemporary 3 room family home by RIBA recompense winning draftsmen AR Design Studio.



Hone Director, Andy Ramus, found this bit of disregarded authentic legacy while undertaking an expansive scale repair at the Manor House and instantly perceived its potential. The group at AR could see past its current once-over state. There was an unmistakable potential to make a refined, contemporary family home inside of the chronicled connection of the building and the pleasant Hampshire farmland.



The history and character of the Stable’s was all that much a main thrust in outline and there is a firm conviction at AR Design Studio that plan requirements and limitations can frequently make the most intriguing arrangements. The idea was to protect the current while making any new augmentations straightforward and unadulterated keeping in mind the end goal to let the first character sparkle. This outcomes in an inventive course of action of spaces as indicated by the Stable’s current design, with a specific end goal to keep up a considerable lot of the current uncovered timber inside dividers. These were then cleaned, stripped back and restored to uncover an impeccable measure of itemizing and craftsmanship.



With the current interior dividers breathed life into back, the following assignment was to transform the Stables into a home for the cutting edge family and bring it into the present day. Keeping in mind the end goal to regard the property’s character a spotless, contemporary and unbiased methodology was taken to whatever is left of the redesign which compares consummately with the first timber dividers, permitting them to emerge as bits of workmanship against a flawlessly basic contemporary scenery. A hefty portion of the current elements were renovated and re-purposed for utilization in the home environment; the first stallion troughs were cleaned and changed over for utilization as sink bowls, the old steed ties go about as towel rings in the bathrooms and unique entryways are safeguarded where conceivable to give a feeling of genuine period character.



The Stables profits by 3 extensive twofold rooms, with 2 en suite rooms to go with a roomy family lavatory. Being a solitary story property with long nonstop perspectives, the format was custom-made and split in the middle of resting and living convenience with a solitary steady dissemination going through the whole building. The inviting and extensive open-arrangement kitchen eating region is strategically placed at the home’s heart, driving into the light and ample parlor which profits by full stature coated entryways that open out onto the drowsy town setting.



The whole property is super protected, and the warmed cleaned solid floor all through gives a practical consistency to the spaces and additionally describing the Stable’s agrarian history. New windows and rooftop lights fitted all through give the entire place a warm, splendid and clean feel; making a superb situation as a setting for a family home.



The completed Stables is totally changed from its current weather beaten condition and is presently a splendidly meeting expectations family home, overflowing with contemporary style compared against delightful period character.

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