Mandeville Canyon by Whipple Russell Architects

Mandeville Canyon by Whipple Russell Architects

Location: Brentwood, California, USA

Year: 2000

Area: 7,000 sf

Photos courtesy: Whipple Russell Architects


This horse ranch in Brentwood, California is a livable romantic blend of contemporary and Mediterranean architectural sensibilities. The house was originally created for two artists, husband and wife; one an architect turned director, another, a writer and sommelier. Both were very passionate about every detail that had gone into the creation of all their living spaces; a restoration in Italy and a loft in New York City. He wanted contemporary, she longed for romantic. As Marc explains, the style derives from the all-important floor plan. This is where decisions regarding use, light, and the day-to-day performance of the spaces are made.MandevilleCanyon-01 This plan called for open, cleanly outlined spaces that flowed one into another. Thick, clay colored walls with many deep portals create sculptures of light in constant variation. As in many of Marc’s designs the pool meets the edge of the house at a large expanse of glass, producing a dazzling effect indoors and out. Famed LA photographer Julius Shulman called the house “cellular architecture”, as each room, though changing in height and size transmits its own light in harmony with the whole. The clients called this their Xanadu Ranch, and honored us with one of our favorite quotes, “Every time we come home we feel like we’re on vacation.” 

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