Guide To Achieving The Perfect California Style For Your Home 

Guide To Achieving The Perfect California Style For Your Home 

When you imagine moving to California, what comes to mind? Bright, lit spaces that match the coastal vibe or an eclectic aesthetic that genuinely makes this interior style vastly popular. There is so much more to the perfect California style than what meets the eye. 

Whether you are planning on living on the hills of Malibu or have your eyes set on Vista CA apartments, there are many ways in which you can turn your California dream home into a reality. Follow our guide as we lay down the main elements that will help give your house a luxurious boho makeover that is making waves at the moment.  

Stick to subtle neutrals 

Look through enough magazines, and you will learn that California’s design is deeply rooted in its love for neutrals and earthy tones. This is the first element you will need to emulate if you want to incorporate the laid-back style into your home. The aim is to make everything look airy and relaxed, best achieved using light, subtle accents. Start with using white as a base. Then, you can opt for different shades of white and include tones of cream and beige to mix it up. Finally, use such styles for the bedding, curtains, and upholstery so that you have enough playing field to later incorporate pops of color. 

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When in doubt, think green 

Since the California style is all about feeling earthy, organic, and breezy, plants are often used to enhance the outdoors element at home. So once you have the basic layout and furniture in place, incorporate house plants into the mix. You can opt for large-sized plants that creep up to the wall for a dramatic look or even go for cacti and succulents that look just as good. Since the style also uses plenty of natural light, you will find them easy to maintain. 

However, it’s perfectly okay if you don’t have a green thumb and the thought of keeping houseplants alive scares you; opt for artificial planters instead. They look just as aesthetic and add life to any dull space in the house.  

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Blue is the right hue 

Because the coastal waves and oceanic elements inspire the entire decor style, blue tones are commonly seen in California homes. Of course, different shades are used, but some common themes include turquoise and sea form. 

You can either add elements of the color for pop over a neutral base or go for a statement piece that can anchor the space and add an element of depth to the entire room. You can even move away from these two standard colors and go for a bold, deep blue that contrasts beautifully against white and beige tones. 

Incorporate organic materials 

Since the outdoors heavily influences the California interior decor, there is an excellent use of organic materials for furniture and household items. Think jute, rattan, and woven textures, and imagine a room with beautifully curated pieces for an elegant yet cozy feel. 

Raw wooden benches and open shelves are common in many homes, which adds a rustic element. You can even place rattan baskets in your entryway to make for a stylish storage option. Consider adorning your living room using lattice chairs made with an organic woven pattern. You can even look out for artisanal pieces and match them with the decor of your house. Such additions are true to the California style and will also create a sense of warmth and comfort in your space. 

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Bring in a dose of leather 

While natural materials are always necessary when it comes to California decor, another element is leather. You will find many homes using leather in their rooms to add to the overall laid-back aesthetic. 

To perfect this look, you should look out for pieces that have worn-out leather, preferably in a pale brown or tan color. You can either place an entire sofa set of similar nature or, better yet, put a one-off seater or a chair to add texture and color. Leather accents are the perfect way to add wisdom and depth to your space, mainly because they go along with other design elements very well. 

Parting thoughts 

The perfect California style is the dose of calm, casual, and chic all at once. There are many different ways to achieve the perfect look, yet some key elements like the ones we mentioned are most important. Once you begin your design journey, you will find pure joy in the elegant and earthy elements that will bring character and beauty to your new home.

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