Glen Lake Tower by Balance Associates

Glen Lake Tower by Balance Associates

Architects: Balance Associates
Location: Michigan, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 1400 sqft / 130 sqm
Photo courtesy: Steve Keating Photography

High on a lush peak over a lake in Michigan, the Tower House is the aftereffect of a rousing joint effort between Balance Associates, customers with an enthusiasm for building design and in addition their site, and a talented nearby temporary worker.


Coordinated to make “an economical retreat that mirrors the immortal excellence and basic solaces of the range,” the planners reacted by raising the essential living space over the thick encompassing woods with a specific end goal to increase light, air and perspectives of Glen Lake and Lake Michigan past. Two blade like, metal-clad dividers ascend from the slope’s crown to bolster a 1400 sf three-story plywood box suspended a full story above evaluation.


As complicatedly point by point steel stairs climb the tower, they move from outside to inside and from more encased to more open spaces, finishing in a stunning, glass-wrapped kitchen/living/feasting space at the fourth level. Here, thirty feet over the ground, the customers appreciate perspectives of the scene they cherish, from either the birch-lined inside or far reaching cantilevered decks.

GlenLakeTower_03 GlenLakeTower_04 GlenLakeTower_05 GlenLakeTower_06 GlenLakeTower_07 GlenLakeTower_08 GlenLakeTower_09 GlenLakeTower_10 GlenLakeTower_11 GlenLakeTower_12 GlenLakeTower_13 GlenLakeTower_14 GlenLakeTower_15 GlenLakeTower_16 GlenLakeTower_17 GlenLakeTower_18 GlenLakeTower_19 GlenLakeTower_20 GlenLakeTower_21 GlenLakeTower_22 GlenLakeTower_23 GlenLakeTower_24

GlenLkTower_d1 GlenLkTower_d2 GlenLkTower_d3 GlenLkTower_d4 GlenLkTower_d5 GlenLkTower_d6 GlenLkTower_d7

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