Good Reasons to Install a Storm Door

Good Reasons to Install a Storm Door

A front door is an important part of any home. It provides a barrier from the outside world, allowing visitors and friends to come and go. In addition, an attractive front door can significantly increase a home’s curb appeal and value. For this reason, many people choose to install a new front door when they make interior or exterior updates to their residences, an also in this article, we will offer few reasons to instal a storm door.

Custom-made front doors can be designed and installed according to personal tastes and individual budgets for the highest-quality craftsmanship. It is important to consider the size and shape of the existing door frame when selecting a new one, as well as the local climate, which will determine the durability of the materials. Different locks, hinges, and glasswork are also available to enhance the security and look of a home’s entrance. Investing in a quality front door is a long-term decision that provides a welcoming, safe atmosphere for those who live there.

As it turns out, there are several reasons why homeowners choose to install storm doors. If you love your front door, you might reconsider your initial distaste for storm doors and read the following benefits that storm doors can provide.

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1. Storm Doors Protect Your Front Door

Perhaps your front door is antique or vintage, dating to the home’s construction. Perhaps your front door was a recent addition, an expensive investment in the appearance and function of your home. Regardless, your front door is important, and you should want to protect it against unnecessary damage.

A storm door acts as a shield, sheltering your main door from outside elements that can cause harm to your door’s delicate materials. Of course, precipitation like rain, snow, wind, dust, and pests will damage your door over time. Still, you can mitigate or eliminate that damage by installing a storm door, which hides your door behind more durable materials.

2. Storm Doors Enhance Home Security

Your home is only as secure as your locks — so the more locks you have on your doors, the better. Especially if your main door is older or has large panes of glass, you might want to invest in a storm door. A robust storm door with a handful of additional locks will deter most criminals, who typically prefer to target homes that offer easier means of entry. Then, you can rest easier knowing that you are less likely to experience a home invasion, whether on the property or away.

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3. Storm Doors Offer Ventilation With Safety

Generally, it isn’t a good idea to keep your front door wide open. An open front door makes it easier for strangers to see inside your home, perhaps allowing them to plan a robbery. An open front door also invites inside all manner of pests, from flying insects to skittering rodents and even reptiles. Finally, things can leave your home through an open front door, too: pets and small children might find their way to the street if you don’t have some other method of keeping them corralled indoors.

If the weather is nice and you are tempted to open your windows and doors to let in the fresh air, a storm door can do you good. A storm door will give you the ventilation you crave without compromising the security of your home. As long as your storm door is closed tight, you can keep your front door wide open without worry.

4. Storm Doors Come in Many Aesthetics

There are many different varieties of storm doors, so you can install one that suits the aesthetic of your home. For example, if your main door is essential to the character of your home, you can invest in a storm door that allows a full view, so your main door will still be visible from the curb. You might also appreciate a mid-view or high-view storm door, both of which reduce the visibility through the door, which can enhance security. You can find storm doors with beveled glass, colored glass, or no glass, with metal, wood, or fiberglass frames.

While aesthetics is certainly an important component of your storm door decision, you should also think critically about how your storm door should function when choosing a style. For example, if you live in an area that experiences high winds, you may want to avoid glass to limit the potential danger posed by flying debris.

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5. Storm Doors Add to Home Value

Far from reducing the appeal of your home, an attractive storm door can easily contribute to a higher home value. Buyers like to see upgrades that protect home assets, like the charming front door, and enhanced security features tend to be a draw. If you anticipate selling your home soon, you might consider adding a storm door to increase your selling price and enjoy a tidy profit on your investment.

You love your front door — which is exactly why you need a storm door. You can talk with a storm door specialist today to understand your options and protect your home in every way.

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