Cleaning Tips for an Organized Home

Cleaning is not always easy, but sometimes we tend to make it harder than it should be. Banishing your bad habits can make it easier to clean — and easier to keep your place clean whether you’re tidying up your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Cleaning is especially important in the living room. It’s the place where you entertain guests and you relax with your family. It’s the place that brings your home to life. Your living room deserves the best, so you should follow our tips.

Avoid gathering piles for easier cleaning

Take an objective look at your living room. What do you see? If you see a lot of piles, it’s time to reconsider. It is known worldwide that piles attract bigger piles. That stack of magazines and that heap of throw blankets aren’t doing your aesthetic any favors.

If you have kids, try to constantly gather the toys in groups and store them in bins. Invest in a storage system for those items to keep your living room neat if you can’t part with your pile because it makes sense to keep the items gathered that way. As an added bonus, it can clue your family members or roommates into where that stuff should go when it’s not in use, helping them put stuff away so your living room stays tidy.

Avoid too much clutter

Too much clutter is not healthy for you. How often do you dust and disinfect all the surfaces in your living room? If you don’t dust often enough you’ll have health issues and also a bad mood. If you have to move over a dozen items off it to cross that chore off your list you’re never going to wipe down your mantel. Streamline what you keep on your surfaces to make it easier to keep everything near looking and sanitized.

Dust first

Did you know that you should dust the surfaces first and only after that vacuum? You’re just moving the problem around when you start by vacuuming without addressing the dust on your surfaces first.

Tip: Making sure all of the dust is completely gathered throughout the course of your clean will help you space stay cleaner over time.

As you know, pillows and blankets gather a lot of dust, so you should knock them free of dust. Launder them regularly to catch those dust mites.

Put everything in its place

Do you have a place for everything: remote control, board game, etc? If not, it’s not too late to put everything in place.  Collect all the stuff in your living room that doesn’t have a place. Then, find a place for it. Then, keep it in its place. Easy-peasy.

Do any of these bad living room cleaning tips sound familiar? If your answer is yes, our piece of advice will surely come in handy. It’s time to reconfigure your space so it can better serve you. Break these habits and you can enjoy a cleaner space for longer! A clean and organized home helps you be healthier and happier.

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