How to Choose Your Bedroom Window Treatments?

Many homeowners or renters don’t consider bedroom window treatments an important part of the house decor. They just throw something over the window to block out light when they want to take a nap or in the early mornings. But curtains or other window treatments can help turn your house into a home, adding a uniquely personal touch. Here are several steps you should take into consideration when buying bedroom window treatments.

About bedroom window treatments 

Window treatments provide a variety of options to dress-up your bedroom window besides curtains that are certainly included. As in every area of interior design and design, in general, ideas run the gamut in styling, from vintage to ultra-modern. Did you know that bedroom window treatment includes everything from shades to formal drapes? It is the same case for decorative valances, window scarves and cornices that sit above the window.

If you want to add luxury and serenity to the room, while window curtains for a bedroom in another part of the house might impart a different feel or function, use some classy window treatments. For example, blackout curtains can make it easier for a toddler to nap.

Finding the best bedroom window treatments

In order to find the best bedroom window treatments, you should know exactly what you need and what to want. You might want simple curtains for a bedroom window in a minimalist room or heavy formal drapes topped by valances in a vintage-inspired room.

It’s also important to consider the actual window. Some prefer small window treatments like mini-blinds, as Bedroom windows come in many shapes and sizes. Thermal insulated curtains can help improve room comfort if your window glass is thin.

If you want to create a peaceful and harmonious look, choose colors that blend with the existing colors in the room, including paint and trim. If you want to add drama to the room, use contrasting colors and bold patterns. A color wheel can help you select colors that work well together.

Types of bedroom window treatments

There are five types of bedroom window treatments. You will surely find the perfect one for you.

Curtains and Drapes

Did you know that curtains and drapes don’t have the same meaning? In fact, drapes are thicker, longer and more formal than curtains. Furthermore, curtains and drapes come in a range of light filtering options, from sheer to max blackout.


Shutters are usually the most expensive choice you can make for your bedroom treatment. Our advice will be to have them custom made. Besides aesthetics, this ensures that they properly fit your window for maximum protection, privacy and room-darkening effect.


Blinds are usually the cheapest solution. blinds can sit inside or just outside the window being slatted and operated with a cord or small handle.


Shades are a fabric option similar to blinds. From simple roller shades to elaborately folded roller shades, shades offer you a great variety of options.

Valances, Window Scarves and Cornices

Valances, window scarves and cornices may be used alone, but they are often paired with curtains or drapes. You should use them in rooms with a vintage or shabby chic decorating aesthetic.

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