Casa Mecano by Robles Arquitectos

Casa Mecano by Robles Arquitectos

Architects: Robles Arquitectos
Location: Osa Peninsula, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Photos: Andrés García Lachner

House Mecano is a body made out of a structure, a skin and a system to adjust to their surroundings. The Concept of the home emerges in the utilization of uninvolved techniques through bioclimatic configuration in cooperative energy with a robotization framework that controls the proper levels of characteristic ventilation through open window frameworks and a pulley framework that adjust the position and slant of the overhang physically, advancing warm solace and indoor air quality. The objective will be to boost capacity in the littlest space conceivable.


Casa-Mecano-00 Casa-Mecano-01-1 Casa-Mecano-01 Casa-Mecano-02 Casa-Mecano-04 Casa-Mecano-05-1 Casa-Mecano-05 Casa-Mecano-06 Casa-Mecano-07 Casa-Mecano-08 Casa-Mecano-09 Casa-Mecano-10 Casa-Mecano-11 Casa-Mecano-12 Casa-Mecano-13 Casa-Mecano-14 Casa-Mecano-15 Casa-Mecano-16 Casa-Mecano-17 Casa-Mecano-18 Casa-Mecano-21 Casa-Mecano-22 Casa-Mecano-23 Casa-Mecano-24 Casa-Mecano-25 Casa-Mecano-26

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