Casa Del Cabo by Andres Remy Arquitectos

Casa Del Cabo by Andres Remy Arquitectos

Architects: Andres Remy Arquitectos
Location: Benavidez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 4,305 square-foot
Photos: Alejandro Peral

The Project is situated on a shut group on the north of Buenos Aires, on a great deal with north introduction and encompassed by a lake on two if its side, giving us astonishing perspectives. The owners, a senior couple that no more lives with its youngsters, required a comfortable, minimized and general utilitarian home.


The house opens towards the back, coordinating the northern sun and the best perspectives. On the east side, the house meets the lake through a semi secured space that capacities as a carport and open air living territory. This space permits the joining between the front patio nursery with the back greenhouse.


Toward the south, the house shows up entirely minimal to safeguard the proprietor’s closeness. The kitchen is as an afterthought that takes the vast majority of lake view past the road.


Within, there is a focal twofold high green space – organizing hatchet of the house – that makes air dissemination moving all the more openly, conveys some roundabout zenithal light to the distinctive ranges of the house and produces intersection perspectives between all of them. With the stairs, this space associate and isolates outwardly serving and served capacities. It makes thusly another scene that sorts out into a pecking order the corridor, the stairs and the suite.


The pool is deliberately situated on the edge of the parcel, where it gets a considerable measure of sun amid throughout the day and, on the same time, offers the best perspectives on account of the stairs which shape like a seat that neglects on nature. Also, it mixes with the scene’s natural plan and says a final farewell to strait states of the house.


People in general ground floor ascends with the territory – which has actually differents levels – so it makes an intruded on perspective to the lake from from the inside.


Casa-Del-Cabo-04-3 Casa-Del-Cabo-04-4 Casa-Del-Cabo-04-5 Casa-Del-Cabo-04 Casa-Del-Cabo-05-1 Casa-Del-Cabo-05 Casa-Del-Cabo-08 Casa-Del-Cabo-09 Casa-Del-Cabo-10 Casa-Del-Cabo-11
Casa-Del-Cabo-13 Casa-Del-Cabo-16 Casa-Del-Cabo-31 Casa-Del-Cabo-32 Casa-Del-Cabo-34 Casa-Del-Cabo-35

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