Nowhere but Sajima by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Nowhere but Sajima by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Architects: Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects
Location: Yokosuka-City, Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2009
Area: 1,830 sqft
Price: $3000 to $6000 per week
Photo courtesy: Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

No place Resort is a resort program that lease a house in one week units. 3 hours is the way that near one hour a Japanese estate, which is a standard from home, we are proposing another style of urban life. Since around by close the separation that it is definitely urban environment, it is asked whether removing how resort environment from that point. Thusly Nowhere however Sajima, has a building, for example, a heap of prolonged barrel shaped space. The mouth of the tube to the ocean, that they redirect to the townhouse property is neighboring the side, we have both protection and sees. No place Resort IS the Resort program That IS Renting out week by week Vacation house.


Making so as to recommend new Urban Life Style Shorten the Distance to weekend house from standard 3 hours up to 60 minutes. The earth MUST Get Close to Urban When Shorten the Distance, the Issue comes to how to remove off resort environment of there. Subsequently Nowhere yet Sajima comes to fabricate long and thin tube-like spaces that package them into one home unit. The tube-like spaces are confronting toward the sea and in the meantime capture the sight from the following townhouse. The building is controlling both security and view.

Nowhere-but-Sajima-00 Nowhere-but-Sajima-01-1 Nowhere-but-Sajima-01 Nowhere-but-Sajima-02-1 Nowhere-but-Sajima-02 Nowhere-but-Sajima-03 Nowhere-but-Sajima-04 Nowhere-but-Sajima-05-1 Nowhere-but-Sajima-05 Nowhere-but-Sajima-06 Nowhere-but-Sajima-07 Nowhere-but-Sajima-08 Nowhere-but-Sajima-09 Nowhere-but-Sajima-10 Nowhere-but-Sajima-11-1 Nowhere-but-Sajima-11-2 Nowhere-but-Sajima-11-3 Nowhere-but-Sajima-11-4 Nowhere-but-Sajima-11 Nowhere-but-Sajima-12 Nowhere-but-Sajima-14 Nowhere-but-Sajima-15 Nowhere-but-Sajima-16 Nowhere-but-Sajima-17 Nowhere-but-Sajima-18 Nowhere-but-Sajima-19 Nowhere-but-Sajima-22 Nowhere-but-Sajima-23 Nowhere-but-Sajima-24 Nowhere-but-Sajima-25 Nowhere-but-Sajima-26 Nowhere-but-Sajima-27 Nowhere-but-Sajima-29 Nowhere-but-Sajima-31 Nowhere-but-Sajima-32 Nowhere-but-Sajima-33 Nowhere-but-Sajima-34 Nowhere-but-Sajima-35 Nowhere-but-Sajima-36

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