Fincube by Studio Aisslinger

Fincube by Studio Aisslinger

Architects: Studio Aisslinger
Location: Ritten, South Tyrol, Italy
Photo courtesy: Meraner Hannes, Florian Berger, Steffen Jänicke

A dream of impermanent living

Characteristic high-techì is the idea of this new secluded, manageable and transportable low-vitality house. Outlined by Werner Aisslinger and created with a South Tyrolian group, the Fincube was made 1200m above ocean level close Bozen in Northern Italy, with a splendid perspective of the renowned Dolomite mountains. The hideaway-innature roaming lodging idea is subsequent to as of late displayed as a model in Ritten, above Bozen.


Supportable itinerant house:

Made totally of neighborhood wood, the building gives 47 m≤ of living space with an insignificant CO2 foot shaped impression: nearby suppliers and nearby artworks utilizing neighborhood enduring and recyclable materials made with the exactness and consideration of tyrolese handwork. The Fincube is an appeared vision of a little lodging unit with a long lifecycle. It can without much of a stretch be disassembled and modified on another site, and considerably more essential for nature hideaways: it requires least soil fixing – only 2 m≤ that are effectively renatured after the Fincube is moved to another area.


Durable outline:

The outline is negligible, material-orientated, and in close touch with nature – the wooden space with a 360-degree triple coating is outfitted with a second veneer layer, creating shade and giving the building an one of a kind general mushroom-like monoshape. The flat edges offer protection to the Fincube and install the building into woods, knolls, mountain sides or any nature resorts. The mix of durable outline and the alternative of changing its area before long make the Fincube an adaptable home or hideaway and a lifetime partner.


Neighborliness vision:

Together with South Tyrolean hotelier Josef Innherhofer, the Fincube was additionally conceptualized as a dream for future friendliness: an impermanent Fincube town with least soil fixing can be set amidst the most lovely scenes without for all time changing them. Rather than every single perpetual building it could be effortlessly changed, broadened, downsized or evacuated and the region would soon be renaturalized back to typical. These qualities transform the unit into a response to future needs of adaptable and shrewd tourism.


Innovation and space:

Innovation savvy the Fincube is a shrewd house – all essential house-capacities are controlled by a focal touchpanel,


The supporting structure is made of nearby larch and the inside is a blend of larch and stone-pine. The 3m-high space is sorted out in a helical structure: the passage region mixes into a liberal open kitchen with a nearby couch living space, around the bend one enters the room and encourage down is the big bathroom.

Fincube-02 Fincube-03 Fincube-04 Fincube-06-1 Fincube-06 Fincube-07 Fincube-08 Fincube-09 Fincube-11 Fincube-12 Fincube-14 Fincube-15 Fincube-17 Fincube-18 Fincube-19 Fincube-20 Fincube-21 Fincube-22 Fincube-31-1 Fincube-31 Fincube-32 Fincube-33 Fincube-34 Fincube-35 Fincube-36 Fincube-37 Fincube-38 Fincube-39 Fincube-40 Fincube-41 Fincube-42 Fincube-43 Fincube-44

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