Hamptons Beach House by Aamodt Plumb Architects

Hamptons Beach House by Aamodt Plumb Architects

Location: East Quogue, New York, USA
Photo courtesy: Jane Messinger Photography, Eduard Hueber, Aamodt Plumb Architects

Located on a barrier island with exposures to the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Shinnecock Bay on the other, the property is long and thin with neighbors close by on either side. The design of the house responds to the narrow site by opening up with large expanses of glass to beautiful views on the north and south while shielding views of the nearby houses.

Hamptons-Beach-House-01 Hamptons-Beach-House-02 Hamptons-Beach-House-03 Hamptons-Beach-House-04 Hamptons-Beach-House-05 Hamptons-Beach-House-06 Hamptons-Beach-House-07 Hamptons-Beach-House-08 Hamptons-Beach-House-09 Hamptons-Beach-House-10 Hamptons-Beach-House-11 Hamptons-Beach-House-12 Hamptons-Beach-House-13 Hamptons-Beach-House-14 Hamptons-Beach-House-15 Hamptons-Beach-House-16 Hamptons-Beach-House-17 Hamptons-Beach-House-18 Hamptons-Beach-House-19 Hamptons-Beach-House-20 Hamptons-Beach-House-21 Hamptons-Beach-House-22 Hamptons-Beach-House-23

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