BlackWhite Modern Residence by David Jameson

BlackWhite Modern Residence by David Jameson

Architects: David Jameson
Location: Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Year: 2007
Photo courtesy: Paul Warchol Photography

Possessing the stone work shell of a current house, this venture draws in the marvel of vestiges and investigates the thought of opening. The outline system called for redesigning the fundamental level and including a second level with an altogether littler foot shaped impression.


Insinuating the Acropolis, four advanced glass sanctuaries rise up out of a white stucco plinth as volumes of light, and characterize space between one another. These volumes of light are sewed together by a dissemination center sheathed in dark that reaches out to support every space. The volumes are instruments of light, assembling normal light to the inside amid the day and sparkling in the scene around evening time.


The glass volumes of the upper level and windows etched into the fundamental level stucco plinth are considered as lenses to the scene. Confronting the road side of the site, long thin “statistics” windows offer center to the deliberate rhythm of tree trunks while altering perspectives to passing vehicles. Over, the glass volumes give all encompassing perspectives to the tree shade and sky above. To the back yard, one glass volume cuts through the plinth to outline unhampered two story sees.

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