Modern Fold Place House in Ottawa by Linebox Studio

Modern Fold Place House in Ottawa by Linebox Studio

Architects: Linebox Studio
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Area: 2,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Erin Borg

The test of “Fold Place” was, “to plan a house with light, security, and enough square footage.” As suggested by its name, the spaces inside of “Fold-Place” stream into one another, while twisting and covering to make definition and visual hobby. The spaces are basic yet radiate warmth, as perfect structures and moderate itemizing highlight sees, common materials, and most loved bits of workmanship.


Associated by comparable configuration components – including the light-hued dividers, dim ground surface, light installations, and the rehashed utilization of charcoal-shaded porcelain tiles on floors and lavatory dividers – the rooms have an easygoing relationship, recognized more by use, than by misty obstructions. Translucent screens, iced or limit windows, shoulder-high dividers, and a cedar-support wall around the terrace, grant physical and visual associations and the penetration of light, without the distress of feeling uncovered.


The focal staircase – treads of dim wood, that appear to skim inside of a vertical shaft of diffused characteristic light – joins these spaces, and permits movement and natural air to go from the inside patio nursery at the passage, to the housetop greenery enclosure sitting above Lansdowne Park and the Aberdeen Pavilion.

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