AP House in Sondrio, Italy by Rocco Borromini

AP House in Sondrio, Italy by Rocco Borromini

Architects: Rocco Borromini
Location: Sondrio, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 1.615 ft²/ 150 m²
Photo courtesy: Marcello Mariana

The fundamental thought was to make a sound structure and practical utilizing materials and situations that take motivation from nearby convention. The arrive on which the task is created is situated on the Orobic Valtellina Alps .


The area was initially described by a tender incline where we continued to make an arrangement recessed south and raised downstream. The L-molded building shuts the court confronting south. The choice to trade out the ground, to some extent is because of the need to shield the house from the winds from the west, to a limited extent to the longing to give it a specific closeness and generally the will to incorporate the working with the encompassing scene. Thus the decision to give careful consideration to the making of nearby stone dividers, worked by a specialist, with shut joints by little drops of stone. The huge windows associate the living territory and the main room to the patio with the pool.


The clearing in Lucerna stone regular split proceeds all things considered. The arrangement of the house is extremely basic, the two sides of the L are the living territory, with kitchen and feasting, and resting range which incorporates three rooms and two bathrooms. At the highest point of L there is a tower shut on four sides yet open to the sky, inside totally secured fir boards old. The premises are situated on a plot of 1300 square meters (13,993 square feet), it has a zone of ​​150 sq m (1,615 sq ft) and a storm cellar of 100 square meters (1,076 square feet).

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