5 Easy Ways to Redesign Your Dorm Room

5 Easy Ways to Redesign Your Dorm Room


Quite often, college dorm rooms are far from being comfortable, unless someone who lived in your room before redecorated it. However, people are different and their tastes differ as well, so it’s okay if you don’t like how your room looks. Some people don’t ever pay attention to it, whereas others can’t live in a room they don’t like. Redecoration of the dorm room is a complicated topic since all dormitories have different laws. In most cases, students aren’t able to change the furniture and do something that can permanently change the way your room looks. But we advise you to consult the dorm authorities before doing something: perhaps, you’re allowed to make some significant changes.

1.   Removable wallpapers

Have you been thinking about changing the walls in your room, but dorm authorities state that you aren’t allowed to do it? Stop thinking that this decision is final and nothing can be done. What about buying removable wallpapers? We understand that not all people heard about it, but they are rather popular among students and renters who are limited in possibilities to redecorate their rooms. These wallpapers are really removable, but it’s not the only advantage of them. You don’t need to have experience in placing wallpapers: these ones already have the adhesive and are ready to be put on the wall. When you decide to remove them — you easily do it without water, steam, or other instruments.

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2.   Buy some room plants

It may not sound like the way to redecorate your room, but it only seems to you. Find some examples of rooms decorated with different plants, and you’ll notice the difference with your room. You shouldn’t share the fear of the majority of students who don’t plant plants because they think they need too much time. However, it all depends on the type of plant you’ll buy. If you belong to those students who lack the free time to care about yourself, pay attention to succulent plants:  aloe, echeveria, cactus, sempervivum, and other types. Succulent plants aren’t the only type of plants that need minimum maintenance, but they are the most popular ones.

3.   Create a photo wall

All students miss home and their families, and you’re certainly not the exception. Modern people prefer to store and view photos on mobile phones. It’s easy to capture the best moments with the phone camera and keep these photos at hand. But we guarantee you’ll feel better if you have photos of your family and friends near your bed. Print your favorite photos in small sizes and think about the best place to put them. If you want this composition to look more attractive, consider putting the photos on the wall in a certain shape. Some students who have good relationships with groupmates start capturing good moments and placing these photos on the wall so that by the end of their studies, they get a great photo album.

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4.   Buy a cozy rug

Sometimes a small rug near your bed may change everything. There’s no sense in purchasing and placing a big carpet because dorm rooms are far from being clean even if you do the cleaning every day: some people often enter your room in shoes and take the dirt in. But a cool rug can make the whole room look better, make you feel comfortable, and hide some defects on the floor. Dorm floors are often cement or have old carpets that spoil the way they look. Don’t you want to get out of bed and place your feet on something warm, soft, and comfortable? Choose rugs that are easy to wash and look well.

5.   Add some light

Most dorm rooms can’t boast of having good lighting, and you should know that this detail is crucial for any room. First of all, you need artificial lighting to do your homework without harming your eyes. Then, some lights also help you decorate the room. We mean various garlands, LED strips, and various light signs. You may purchase a garland and place it on the wall near your photos. LEG strips look perfect when they are placed near the ceiling. Some students order ready light signs or create custom ones with their names to make the room look stylish. The choice is yours, the main thing you should do is to add the light.


Why do so many students dream about redesigning their dorm rooms? Some of them are freshmen who’ve recently moved from their parents’ houses and can’t adapt to a new place. Others have been living in their rooms since their first semester and everything in the room seems old and boring. It’s okay to get tired of the room you live in. All students ask for professional help from the essay writing service at least once during studying just because they can’t tackle all assignments alone. If you’re looking for a reliable helper, take a look at Customtermpaperwriting. But, who knows, perhaps the reason for your difficulties is your old room? Let’s find out how we can change it.

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