Zamel House by Kontrast Arquitectura

Zamel House by Kontrast Arquitectura

Architects: Kontrast Arquitectura
Location: Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico
Year: 2008
Buget: $290,000
Area: 2,936 sqf
Photos: Fabian Lasala Guevara

This house was intended for a couple from Los Angeles who love the shoreline and normal excellence of Huatulco. He lives to surf and she has an energy for structural planning. The house gloats a prevalent area on the shoreline straightforwardly before a surf break, with a tremendous perspective of the shoreline, rocks, and adjacent stream mouth.

Zamel-House-03The home’s open spaces make the edge for the brilliant setting and permit the sea breezes to keep it cool amid the tropical days in Huatulco.


The test was to outline a house that permitted perspectives of the sea from all the primary spaces on a site just 12 meters wide. The principal choice was to raise the house over the shoreline’s level to make protection and wellbeing from the sea, yet at the same time have simple access to the shoreline. This was proficient by a stair route in favor of pool.


The house is based on a banner parcel, subsequently the fundamental passageway drives you down the carport to a curiously large, hand tooled strong wood entryway, that opens easily on its turn pivot into another universe of long wide stairs flanked by lavish tropical plants prompting a reflecting lake complete with water fall and planked span for your last approach into the house. This section conveys you to a place that shakes your faculties and advances you association with nature. You are caught by a craving to unwind and appreciate.


You have landed in the “colossal room”, the full width of the home, open altogether to the limitlessness pool flooding “into” the sea, complete with a boss’ kitchen and eating in the open air in the pool side pergola, you’ll need to never take off. The green palm tree way prompts the sun deck on the property’s edge over hanging the shoreline. There is likewise a full shower, with cleaned concrete ledges, glass tile and a vast shower. The main floor is finished by a lair/visitor room.


The stairs ascend to an outside overhang which prompts the second visitor room suite and the main room suite. The expert has roof to floor glass over the whole front for the house. The substantial expert shower gloats an open air shower for two and a vanity produced using flotsam gathered on the shoreline. The suite is finished by a stroll in storeroom and sea view office.


Zamel-House-03-1 Zamel-House-03-3 Zamel-House-03-4 Zamel-House-04 Zamel-House-05-1 Zamel-House-05 Zamel-House-06 Zamel-House-07 Zamel-House-09-1 Zamel-House-09 Zamel-House-10 Zamel-House-12-1 Zamel-House-12 Zamel-House-13 Zamel-House-14 Zamel-House-15-1 Zamel-House-15 Zamel-House-16 Zamel-House-17-1 Zamel-House-17 Zamel-House-18 Zamel-House-19 Zamel-House-20 Zamel-House-21 Zamel-House-31 Zamel-House-32 Zamel-House-33 Zamel-House-34 Zamel-House-35

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